Review: iGuidance
Marvin Hlavac
R.I.P. iGuidance PPC, Long Live iGuidance PC

iGuidance 2011 (Build 4.3.0) will release only its Laptop/Netbook/Car PC Edition. The PocketPC PDA version has been discontinued, and all remaining inventory has been placed on clearance sale (corporate and government volume licensing for Pocket PC version will still be available depending on customization required).

New in iGuidance 2011

1. New 2010 Navteq map data

2. New male guidance voice option

3. New route optimization feature (manual)

4. Backend route engine enhancement

5. Simplified one-step installation (separate installation for map data no longer required)

6. Available in downloadable version (accessible anywhere)

1. Speed alert no longer available due to patent right issue
2. Traffic pattern no longer available due to patent right issue

Price: (NOT finalized yet)

$79 USD for existing registered customer
$89 USD for new customer

More iGuidance 2011 details soon

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