Export pushpin data from Streets and Trips?
Is there any way to export the pushpin data I have accumulated on a Streets and Trips .est map?

I'm running MS Streets and Trips 2008. I know that there is not an export function in S&T itself, but are there any other programs out there that can do this? I have something like 3600 pushpins, some have a lot of data, and I would like to be able to export it to a file type that I can more easily manipulate.

I tried POI Converter v 4.08 10/04/2008, but it gave me an error "The ST2GPX utility failed to produce the file - st2gpx.tmp" and then closes. I was not quite sure that would work anyway because S&T was listed.

I also tried GPSBabel, but that did not seem to work either. All it gave me was a csv file with...
latitude, longitude, name, desc
00.00000, 00.00000, $, $

An example of the data in a pushpin balloon I am trying to extract would be..

XYZ Corp
123 Main St.
Sometown, IL 60123
N 38 46.766 W 089 53.396
(281) 693-3006
Mary or Alve
$ 1544105-bcd 1pc 10/24 (Wilkins)
$ 0460638TBN 20pcs 1/9/06 (Wilkins)
$ 13 pc SCD 16 WS, etc 20707464 (Wilkins) 5/30

Just to make things more fun, although it is not in most of the balloons, I would also like to extract the Lat and Long. because S&T can always find that, but the addresses only seem to be about a 90% hit rate.

Would some other mapping software be able to import the MS S&T .est file and then be better suited for manipulating the data, sorting and searching? We also use Act!, but that of course does not have the visual mapping info. I exported the ACT info to get many of the map pushpins, but many more have been added to the map that are not in Act, such as some that are just leads to check out when in an area.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi JeepGuy,

If the tools you've already tested didn't do it for you, try to use Microsoft MapPoint and an add-on called PushPin Tool. The idea is that Microsoft MapPoint should be able to open your Microsoft Streets & Trips file(s), and the PushPin Tool add-on should give you better export functionality than what's included in MapPoint.

This solution is an expensive one, though. Microsoft MapPoint is several times more expensive than the consumer product Microsoft Streets and Trips. PushPin Tool is not free either.

Both, MapPoint and PushPin Tool have free trial.

However, currently I only see MapPoint 2006 version downloadable at that link. New MapPoint 2009 should be starting to hit stores as you read my reply, so chances are good that Microsoft will make available the new MP 2009 version soon, too. (Older version will not open a file created in a newer version, for example a Streets & Trips 2008 file will not be openable in MapPoint 2006, but it should be possible to open it in MapPoint 2009.
I have the same predicament as JeepGuy. I just merged two maps I've been working on for some time - and realize I need to clean up the pushpin labels and categories. Doing it manually will be QUITE the chore (wouldn't be surprised if I have 1000+ pins in this map). It would be nice to dump it all into Excel, massage it so the categories and labels are consistent, then pull it back into S&T!
I should add - I tried some of the products suggested elsewhere in the forum and they don't work as advertised... I also notice GPSBabel refers to S&T 2002-2007; I'm using 2008. That have anything to do with it?

MapPoint + Pushpin tool only gave me the info I entered on the pushpins and doesn't include lat/lon which made it worthless for re-importing into S&T. POI Converter turned out to be the answer.
I think the best approach here to avoid problems is to keep the excel file as the source of the POI and not S&T .est. This will avoid any compatibility problem in the long run in the future versions of S&T. The importing funtion from excel sheet should always work. Keep upgrading excel files with the needed data (or comma separated text files) and you have an easy way yourself to play with the excel file later if S&T import function is modified in anyway. Relying on a third party tool to export info from S&T would not be my favorite approach if you want your previous data to survive a long time to S&T releases...
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