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Where is AR Keys 2.53 for MS AutoRoute 2007?
Hey Marvin !
You done a great great job here ! I am NELUDOK from ROMANIA who just lost his access to previous (original) account (signed as neludok) so I had to re-register again under this my new name...
Now, I get into business with this forum again to continue help improving by some fresh ideas I've got travelling thousands miles this summer assisted by your wonderfull application as ARKEYS it is!

1) where is that beta (2.53) for Autoroute 2007 to download, cause I didn't find??
In fact it is a little disorder in webpage's links presentations... you should better name each release clarely, like arkeys253.exe as sample for 2.53 release and so on! Anyway it is hardly to find it in this site...
2) GREAT FEATURE FOR NEXT RELEASE: while driving we all see new POIs natively and need to immediately include in the current GPS map! So, try add a dedicated hotkey to press it in order to automatically add a new pushpin directly in the current position of GPS pointer on the map found in that moment (of pressing the hotkey!). this hotkey should be a function key very easily to localise in order to not disturbing driver's attention too much! F12 or F8 are best to use for this. In the setup section (Options of ARKEYS) you should also add some boxes to check in order to preselect pushpin type to instantly add when press that dedicated hotkey for it.
If you get success in programming alike new feature , it will be certainly the second real top usage feature after that zoom in/out by PageUp/Down key... Adding many pushpins as new POIs in the map during driving and eye-surfing the rounded space when travelling is the most serious matter and benefit from alike application! Go success with it!
Marvin Hlavac
Hey Toni (a.k.a. Neludok),

It's great to see you here! It's been a long time! I'm glad you are still around!

I just added the version number beside the download link above. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure about the hotkey to place a pushpin on the map. I agree it would be a very helpful feature, but even though I've on several occasions thought about it, I just simply don't know a good way of implementing it. I think it would be easily doable in MapPoint, which is programmable, but it is more complicated in AutoRoute and/or Streets & Trips :-(

By the way, the current version for your AutoRoute 2007 is Keys version 2007 (a.k.a. version 2.42). This version ends the development of S&T Keys / AR Keys for the 2007 version of the Microsoft product, because MS Streets & Trips 2008 has been released (but unfortunately the 2008 version of MS AutoRoute is not out).
Hi Marv!
Just check toyfountain's source for his ST&ARkeys proposal!
I have been checked this weekend and his new design it is marvellous!
Automatically creation of new pushpin centered in the GPS location found whenever you press F6 key, works at best!!
You both made me so crazy so I have started to learn AutoIt scripting in order to redesign your best sources to match my other proposals around!...
However as my AutoIt programming skills are now at begginner level , I 've started for the moment to compact the toyfountain's source in order to simplify it as much as possible to redevelop it easier later!.. At last but not at least...it is a must to reduce the global size of ARKEYS as I have checked that it affects the laptops having video memo sharing significantly ! So I will redesign an ARkeys for Autoroute only, since I started to travel a lot in Europe since this summer (5 different car tours from Romania to Switzerland, France and Austria fully assisted by your wonderfull ARkeys! Go GPS Lords bless you forever! We all thank you!)

Regards you all, best useful forum on net!
Marvin Hlavac
Haha! I'm glad you got "infected" and now you are starting to learn AutoIt. If anyone else wishes to look at this freeware Windows automation language, here's the link: AutoIt Script Home Page

Feel free to ask questions about AutoIt and AR Keys. Make sure you share your code with the rest of us when you add some cool feature you feel others could benefit from

Good luck!
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