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MS Streets & Trips 2006 Keys v2.42.2 English and S&T 2006 2007 Keys v2.42.2 French

I've improved S&T2006 Keys v2.42 english and S&T2006 Keys v2.42 french a little. The run time is improved a little by removing all the comments and line breaks from the compiled script. Pressing a hot key from the Menu responds faster instead of requiring a second of time between pressing F4 and the wanted hot key.

These files are the newest files to date and should run faster than the older one linked above. I've also modified the "with GPS locater" per your suggestion. It should run on stand alone S&T2006.

Current version as of March 19, 2008
S&T|AR Keys 2008 v2.55 added hotkeys (english)

S&T|AR Keys 2007 v 2.43 english
S&T|AR Keys 2006 v 2.43 english

S&T|AR Keys 2007 v 2.43 french / français ( for use on english versions of S&T and AutoRoute)
S&T|AR Keys 2006 v 2.43 french / français ( for use on english versions of S&T and AutoRoute)

AutoRoute France Keys 2007 v 2.43 français ( for use on versions of the french language France AutoRoute only)

Download below
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(only for 2006)
F11--Since true full screen doesn't exist in S&T 2006 I added in Keys 2006 a routine that will click once on each tool bar to reverse their status (to close them or open them). It will also close the GPS pane, Driving guidance, route planner and Directions. If you wish to re-open them, click on F11 and once it's done, click on F4 to select the panes you wish to open with the new added hot keys.

F4 - Added new hot keys for:
Z - GPS pane,
X - Driving guidance,
C - Route planner and
V - Directions.

WARNING: With S&T 2007 these new hot keys may crash S&T when used in full screen mode.
They are to be used only when in normal mode.

..Z...X...C..V on the keyboard should be located in the bottom left corner and the order of the icons in the tool bar menu of S&T 2006 is duplicated to make it easier to remember.

F10 -- Added a hot key for Find Nearby Places

F-6 -- Added a hot key to insert a pushpin in the center of the screen. If a user keeps the GPS position centered, the hope is this will add a pushpin close to the wanted location with a single key. Final adjustment can be made by using the up, down, left and right arrow.

Check for update is disabled since no update is planned for now (for 2006).
For now in 2007, it detects 2.42 as the latest.

Auto re-route works but please take note S&T 2006 does not take into account the vehicle's travel direction when re-routing. It will often times indicates a reverse direction when off route. Auto re-route can be disabled in the options panel. S&T2007 and later versions fixes this problem.

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For users who try it please report problems you may encounter with it if any.

I'll work on compiling the script in french for the 2007 version next.~~~~~Done
v 2.42.1 Updated files to link to www.laptopgpsworld.com when "visit website" is used.
v 2.42.2 Updated files to link to www.laptopgpsworld.com MS Streets & Trips page when "visit website" is used.
v 2.42.2 Moved Keys 2006 full screen simulator from F6 to F11 and accelerated the function.
v 2.42.2 Added F6 pushpin creation in the center of the map.
v 2.42.2 Added the english version for 2007.
v 2.42.3 Added the "select a place" window fix when creating a centered pushpin
v 2.42.4 Fixed typo on SSlashscreen code (thanks tonimarcus)
v 2.42.4 Modified full screen in 2006 to accelerate it even more. (Nov 13)
v 2.42.4 Added a new icon to Keys and source code (Nov 14)
v 2.42.4 Modified the french translation, the code to add a pushpin and added text warning not to use ZXCV hotkeys in fullscreen mode with S&T 2007/2008 (Dec 1)
v 2.42.5 Added a new method to add a pushpin. It will now place the pushpin directly on the GPS icon. No need to keep the GPS centered anymore. (tested for 2006, not tested for 2007. Please give feedback for S&T 2007). Read this thread to learn how to use it. http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/83-new-hotkey-place-pushpin-map#post326
I've also created a new Scanner.exe application to scan the map pane for a maroon pushpin and send 5 beeps then 1 beep every 20 seconds if it detects one. Again, please read the thread referenced above. Especially this one http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/216-poi-scanner-microsoft-streets-trips
v 2.42.7 Merged mod of v x.xx.6 and v x.xx.7 together.
v2.42.7 and v2.53.7 now opens the POI Scanner when starting S&T if you keep the POI Scanner in the same directory of Keys.
v 2.42.7 will disable the OSK keyboard if the operating system is Windows Vista, but leave it functioning if another OS is detected.
v 2.53.7 for S&T 2008 will leave the OSK keyboard enabled if an OS other than Windows Vista is detected.
v2.53.7 When closing S&T2008 if Keys is open, S&T2008 will want to send an error report to Microsoft. This, however does not affect it when running.
v2.55 and v2.43 Fix to the osk keyboard problem when running Vista.
Marvin Hlavac
* * * Great work !!! * * *
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
* * * Great work !!! * * *
you toyfountain amazed me!
you already got fixed all I was thinking and wishing about! (pressing dedicated key to create pushpins during travelling....marvellous!
now...I got it (french release for 2007) and go start test it tomorrow !
will come back soon!
thanks a lot!
Marvin Hlavac
I know toyfountain is doing the French version for his mom. I wonder how much work it would be to create English language version of the modified v.2007, too .
Edit:I moved the source code of Keys to this post to keep all versions together

Give me a few days and I'll do it if you want the modified 2007 in english. It's basically the same as 2006 taking into account the different values for 2006 versus 2007.

edit: Done, it went faster than expected. See the first post above for the download.

I was in a US Bestbuy tonight. They had version 2008 with GPS for sale for $59.99 instead of $99.99. The GPS was smaller then my SIRF III of 2006's version. I'm holding on to version 2006 for now, but it was hard to resist. DW made it easier for me to resist (she said, NO!). We took version 2006 along and it worked fine for our trip.
I finished the english version of Keys 2007 2.42.2 with the added new hotkeys. I added to the files above in the first post.
Marvin Hlavac
I can't resist anymore, I will have to give your modifications a try tomorrow . My mobile PC consists of a plane desktop PC tower, and it has a removable hard drive rack. It's really just a matter of removing my new hard drive with Windows Vista and S&T08, and then sliding in my old hard drive with Windows XP and S&T07. I'll do it on Monday .
You'll find the pushpin is not perfect because sometimes the GPS icon is not located in the center, but ahead of center. If you happen to be too close to several POIs in the map it sometimes open the screen to let you chose which you want to open. But lots of time it works as can be expected. I have the idea to add a line where if it detects the "select a place" window it would close it immediately and try again. The GPS should have moved in the second this would take.

edit: I just found that the "select a place" window occurs when the select button is activated instead of the pan button in the navigation toolbar. It will be easy to add a click on the pan button before it adds a pushpin.
excellently done, toyfountain!
I have checked and got amazed all past weekend your new ARkeys especially pressing F6 to automatically create&numbering pushpin and it works finely!!
You and Marv convinced me to start training new skills with this amazing tool AutoIt in order to redesign this wonderfull app that Marvin created for us!
...and you released the cream of it with this pushpin creation!

Now, let me ask you all (toyfountain and Marv but anyother feel invited...) about redesigning and compacting new ARkeys or STkeys as you consider! (I am in Europe and so, interested only by Autoroute for Europe release...).
1) I found an error in compilation provoked by typing mistake I suppose: compiling your source gave me SSplashTextOn(...) as underfined function.
I renamed it simply to the origin assisted by AutoIt help, so now is SplashTextOn (without doubleS) and now works finely!

2) By the way, how could I compact the source by using global variables like the long text used now as SplashTextOn (....) argument ?
Could I declare as global var all those repeated long strings used as the above function arguments and then simply call that function somehow alike SplashTextOn ($var1...n) ??
How ?
3) I want to impose a specific pushpin with a specific prefix name when use F6 to instantly create them ! How to do this? Is there a specific built-in function numbering the pushpins from the AR&ST pushpins design table? A sample will be fine!
And similarly, how about pushpin name? Could be handled by a variable settled same as global constants with a desired value by us in the script?

4) I want to interchange F6 with F5 as F5 position is easier to quickly press and F6 meaning pushpin creation could be top of the cream of this ARkeys soon !!!
Just imagine driving the car and take maximum profit of all what you may see for later re-use, meaning instantly pushpinning POI like special shops, lowest price gasoline stations..., campings and much more...
So, how can be made easier in order to not affect the intersection with the other controls in AR&STkeys ? Have I to manually replace each line where find F6 with F5 and viceversa? Is that enough or locked by main program?
Regards you all!
Hi tonimarcus, I'm glad you liked the pushpin function. Did you try version 2.42.2 or 2.42.3? I added a fix for when it opened the "select a place" window in version 2.42.3.

1) corrected the typo. See latest version 2.42.4 , thanks.

2) Don't know. I'm a beginner too.

3) I was thinking of something similar to this to add to the Func push_pin()
ControlFocus($productname, "", $untitled)
ControlClick($productname, "", $untitled)
Send("{BACKSPACE 8}")

where $untitled = 101

but it didn't work. I couldn't get the function to click to the right of "Untitled" to erase it and write Tonimarcus instead. Maybe you'll figure it out with the aid of help of the script editor.

4) I'd replace F5 by F6 and vice versa like you said. Use find in the search menu to be sure not to miss any. (Keep a backup before starting too)
thanks a lot !
I will check your new release 2.42.4 tomorrow...
Uploaded a new file with minor modifications.
Uploaded a new version with a significant amelioration to the add pushpin function. Introducing the new Scanner.exe to use with the maroon tack.
Uploaded a new version and introduced Windows Vista detection to enable or disable the OSK keyboard as needed.

Introduced the auto start of POI Scanner with Keys if it is kept in the same folder directory as Keys (all versions).
Uploaded a new version that hopefully fixes the OSK keyboard with Vista. If all is well it is back for all versions of Windows.
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