Who has the latest and most detailed GPS maps for North America?
Black Knight
Who has the latests maps?
Who has the most detailed maps?

Just asking.
Along the same line...

Do any GPS mapping companies use data from DMTI Spatial like Garmin used to for their Metroguide Canada? The rural detail was much better than the current Navteq.

Virtually every company uses Navteq map data and presently Garmin Mobile PC has the latest version. iNav iGuidance 2009 should be newer when it is released and so will Streets & Trips 2009.

No consumer level supplier appears to be using DMTI data. It is assumed Navteq is cheaper. Or it is easier to work with the data from only one supplier at a time

Marvin Hlavac
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Just to add to Terry's reply, it also depends on which country in North America you are interested in. For example, if you plan on visiting Mexico, the just released Microsoft MapPoint 2009 has by far the best coverage I've seen. It's far from perfect, but it now seems to cover most of the population. Even small towns are included. If you plan on vacationing in Mexico, MapPoint 2009 most likely covers the area you are going to. The same map data will be used for Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009, when it comes to stores in a few weeks (in September 2008). About