The best Gps + software needed for my new 64 bit Vista laptop
Hi all,

I have Streets and Trips 2008. I was satisfied with this software and its GPS500 until I bought a new laptop rolling vista 64 bits. The Pharos GPS 500 does not work with the Vista 64 bits(no driver is available). So, i'm looking for a GPS and software who will work with my laptop. It will be a great if the GPS device is Bluetooth.

What do you think about Garmin Mobile 10 for laptop, Eathmate BT-20GPS with Street Atlas USA 2009 or should i wait for Streets and Trips 2009?

Maybe there some others products that i do not know...

Which product offer traffic conditions?

Thank you
Hi Roadtrip,

Actually there are Vista 64-bit drivers for the Pharos GPS 500 that comes with Streets & Trips 2008.

Plug in the GPS then visit - you'll get prompted to download the drivers as an optional download.

If that doesn't work you may need to manually uninstall the driver (in device manager) then visit windowsupdate again for the proper driver.

In S&T 2009 these drivers are on the DVD and are installed as part of the setup process but unfortunately not for S&T 2008.
Hi Larry.

I wish this procedure work with my computer but my computer detect a USB serial controller D and does not find any driver...

I have a Windows Vista 64x in french...

Can you help me more?
Hi RoadTrip,

I don't think having Vista 64x in French should be any different.

Did you check Device Manager?
Under Ports (COM and LPT) do you see "Microsoft USB GPS Port"?
Right-click and view Properties and go to the Driver tab
Click on Driver Details
It should list 2 files:
* C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ser2ph64.sys
* C:\Windows\system32\drivers\serenum.sys

If you don't have these files. Try to uninstall the drivers (back on the properties page) and try to go to windowsupdate again.

Let me know how you do.
Hi Larry,

Thank you for trying to helping me. I have try in the device manager to find port and it does not show any port or LPT... I do not see Microsoft USB GPS port. When i plug my Pharos GPS 500 it shows in other device USB Serial controller D...??? I have try to do Windows update multiple time with The Gps plug or unplug. I have even try to unistall the USB Serial controller D and run the Windows update with no result... Windows is up to date and no new update is available.

My GPS is still not working...
Larry, Roadtrip,

I have the same problem. My French Vista 64 cannot locate the driver for the S&T GPS receiver. It keeps looking for a "USB - Serial Controller D" driver without success. Is there a way to download the required driver(s)? Plug and Play and automatic updates have reduced a lot of the burden to keep our PCs upto date. But, sometimes, I wish I could just insert a diskette and do the update myself...

Hi Red Mist,

I have diabled the driver signing permanent, and I have installed some unsigned driver without a

problem. But with the prolific XP64 driver I have the problem. VISTA64 isn't accepting the driver

and I don't know why.


After installing the driver VISTA gives an error message, that the driver isn't sign, but now I

have seen in the device manager that the driver is loaded. And it works About