Issue with Garmin nRoute and Mapsource
I just discover this site and it is very interesting because I am preparing a trip to hawaii.
I recently installed the last version of nRoute (2.7.6) on my new netbook.
I use Metroguide that I make routable with Metrogold : works perfectly on my 60 CSX.
BUT when I run nRoute I got a message saying that ,due to some licence restriction with Metroguide Map Gold (I understand Metroguide toutable thanks to Metrogold), no detailed navigation can be performed !
I suppose Garmin doesn't like that we can use Metroguide in a routable way and push to buy CityNavgator which offers nothing more.
Is there an issue or do I trust on other software for usinf my netbook for navigation (audio is a plus when driving).
You should get in touch with the designer of MetroGold to see if there is a resolution for this shortcoming.

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