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Streets & Trips: ONE-CLICK to Nearest HOSPITAL
One feature that I would LOVE to see is a single 9-1-1 button that you click on that would IMMEDIATELY dump your desired route, etc., and route you to the nearest hospital, regardless of how far it is.

It should ALSO pop up nearby fire stations and paramedics, along with their direct phone numbers, so that if transport is impractical, I can call the closest professional medical assistance for help.

I run a dedicated motorcycle towing service here in southern California, and I sometimes respond to accidents or even come up upon accidents that have just occurred in front of me, where my customer needs to get to a hospital ASAP.

I arrive at accident scenes where "macho" riders don't want (or cannot afford) paramedic response, so they just wait on the side of the road for me. When I arrive, I not only have a wrecked bike to contend with, but I also have a rider holding a broken wrist or arm, or worse.

I once picked up a rider who was a diabetic, and passed out in my truck while I was giving him a ride home! I didn't know what was wrong with him, but it took valuable time to dump my route to his house, and search for the nearest medical center. Fortunately it turned out okay, but I sure would have LOVED to click on a button and be routed to the nearest hospital!

The feature should pop up a window showing the quickest route, an ALTERNATE route in case of heavy traffic, and offer real-time redirection if I choose to make a sudden turn to avoid a traffic snarl or some other obstruction, along with the address and the phone number directly to the emergency room so I can call ahead to advise them of what I am bringing in.

This would be a GREAT feature to add to the new software!
I can see why someone in your line of work would appreciate this feature. Thanks for the suggestion.
Gosh, you can't imagine how valuable this would be! I'd pay an extra $100.00 for a 9-1-1 single-click function in Streets & Trips! Ideally, it should be ONE CLICK to activate the special mapping function, and perhaps ONE more click to select the desired medical destination and handle ALL of the housekeeping functions. This means that the driver (me) could concentrate on getting to the needed help quickly without having to click on dozens of buttons to zoom in or out, set the program to center the vehicle on the map or anything else.

Perhaps those settings could be selected in advance, so that when the 9-1-1 button was clicked, the program would automatically set up whatever the driver needed, navigation assistance, font size, map orientation and rotation, and DE-select ALL of the "show places" icons so the map redraws a lot faster. Maybe it could automatically switch to full screen view and set up either dynamic view or the perspective map ... In an emergency, the last thing I want to do is sit there clicking on a lot of choices to give me the ideal view of a map to a hospital.
While playing with the map on my desktop, I see that I can pull up the lost of hospitals in a given radius using "show places" and checking HOSPITALS. By having the program list them according to distance, I can select the first "E-R" (Emergency Room) listing and set that as my destination. This does what I need to do. it just requires a lot of concentration and several clicks, which is easy at my desk, but not so easy with a bleeding, groaning man in the passenger seat!
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