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Streets & Trips: Route over BREADCRUMBS!
Another feature I would love to see is S&T's ability to route over breadcrumb trails I draw as I drive. Near my home, a street called "Melrose" was not completed between highway 78 and Palomar Airport road in Carlsbad. So S&T would route me around the uncompleted street adding miles to the route unnecessarily. I have driven the completed road, and my breadcrumb trail shows that I *can* get through now by following the blue line, but S&T still refuses to use my breadcrumbs for routing purposes.

It would be nice if S&T would allow users to DRAW IN streets, freeway on-ramps and off-ramps and other convenient roads, alleys, fire roads and such that we can use to get from here to there, even though the released version does not "see" the road.

I know, Microsoft is probably afraid that we would never buy a new version, and would only continually draw in changes to our older software, but in MY case at least, that would be impractical, since entire new neighborhoods and cities are popping up here in California faster than you can say "Bank Repos!"

Also, I'd like to have the ability to REMOVE a segment of a road. There are roads here where the locals have placed concrete barricades across a street that passes from Low-Life City into Snotsville, and even though S&T *thinks* I can use these streets to get through, I get to the barricade and have to route myself around it by backtracking to main streets that circle around. Perhaps an icon could be dropped onto the map that would eliminate the ability to route through it, such as where a Fire Access road has an iron gate across it, but S&T does not know that ONLY fire engines can get through.

At the moment I am using the AVOID AREA function, and I draw in the blockades as I find them.
The ability to add "routable" streets has definitely been mentioned before. And updating blockades would be nice.

I have tried using the Avoid Area option. But my computer seems to think I can drive through barricades and trees. I also run S&T Keys, so whether it confuses the computer or not, I don't know.

I have, also, mentioned this in other posts. But it would be nice to share these updates.

One case that comes to mind is the use of GPS by the provincial ambulance. They were sending an ambulance to transfer a patient from home to the hospital. They used an ambulance that was in our area from another city and tried to guide them with the AVR (GPS that the dispatcher can see.) They sent the ambulance down a road that has been barricaded for years. Even my own ST2009 shows it as an open road and I have submitted the barricade to ST or the map people (the name escapes me right now) Fortunately, another ambulance that was familiar with the area intervened and redirected them. Actually, he did that while I was on hold to let them know.
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