PC GPS software with Internet based weather, traffic, and construction reports?
99 F350
I'm new here, but have been reading this forum since I got off of work, 3 hours ago. It seems to be a great place. With knowledgeable people that are willing to help everybody.

I bought Streets & Trips 2008 today for work and personal use. I have a Sprint connection card with a built in GPS receiver. So I didn't need to spend the extra $40 for the receiver that comes with S&T08. I used it tonight and found it to meet my needs for work. It works in the truck, and is fairly good with addresses. It is better than my Kenwood nav system, which has Garmin software.

BUT, I was looking for software that had an internet based weather, traffic, and construction report. With the popularity in connection cards these days I would think that it would be available. Is there a program out there like this? Is this planned for S&T09? I know that Live Maps has this (at least the traffic) so I assumed that S&T would use that in some way.

Also from looking around here it seems that a Ram Mounts comes highly recommended. Is there anything better. I repo cars and drive on worn out dirt roads a lot. I just need something that will take some abuse, and keep the laptop safe. Right now I am just letting it sit on the center arm rest. It has plenty of room on there and hasn't moved going down the road yet. But, this makes it uncomfortable for anybody in the passenger seat when the lid is up.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi John in a 99 F350,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Microsoft guys and girls working on Streets & Trips actually do have very good experience with this stuff, since they managed to integrate into Streets & Trips 2008 w/Connected Services the color coding of highways based on traffic flow data, and also traffic incidents on highways and local roads were displayed on the map of S&T. In the Connected Services version of S&T, this was done not via the Internet, but rather via a special MSN Direct receiver. The Connected Services edition of the product is not going to be released this year, though. But feel free to post your feature suggestion(s) for the future versions of Streets & Trips in our S&T Wish List forum.

Some laptop GPS software programs do offer various services over the Internet. iGuidance gives you current weather and forecast anywhere in North America. Garmin Mobile PC gives you weather, airport arrivals/departures, and I think bunch of other stuff I haven't even tried. ALK CoPilot has traffic, but I don't think it works up here in Canada, because even though I enabled the feature, and I do have mobile Internet, I never noticed the feature to do anything.

RAM-Mount is the way to go, John. (My wife just said Ram-Mount is expensive, LOL.)
99 F350
Thank You for your reply.
How good is ALK vs. S&T?

I posted it in the wish list also.

But, after reading up on ALK it sounds like there are a lot of people having problems with it. Is this as bad as they are saying?

CoPilot v11 is absolute garbage, plain and simple. ALK doesn't care that the consumers want them to release update patches to fix the problems. Trust me, it's not worth it.
Marvin Hlavac
John, the newest version of ALK CoPilot Laptop 11 and also ALK CoPilot Truck 11 are a complete rewrite of the software. The program has been simplified for the user (a good thing for some users), but in the process quite a lot of the excellent trip-planning functionality has been removed from the new version 11 :-(. It's a love it or hate it situation. Long time users, who in the past years took advantage of the many features which are now gone, find the product no longer fit for their purpose. I've read positive feedback from some users on the Internet, and I tested the program myself, too. It's not bad, the map data has improved in my area, the program now seems more intuitive, too, but undeniably a lot of the old functionality (which made ALK CoPilot unique) is now completely gone. About