Win Free DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 with USB GPS Receiver LT-40 Donated by DeLorme
I'd like to win this one, I came here to check on recommendations on which laptop program to get. I have S&T 2006 but I do not like it at all. I find it very hard to work with. I prefer a program that has "RV" friendly POIs
Well, you convinced me to post for the first time here on Laptop GPS World.

Wow, another great benefit of membership to Laptop GPS World.

One of the nicest features' DeLorme is the ability to draw in streets that the mapping program can then navigate across!
Have been using CoPilot ever since 2000, never use any other. Love using GPS when touring unknown territories. A good GPS shows every turn, pre-config how far ahead to remind you. Would like to see how Street Atlas compares.
I'm a retired cruiser (one who lives on a boat) and I run two laptops constantly, one with The CAPN 8.3.20a marine navigation software and the other with an old Streets & Trips 2004 so I can see what is around me when going up or down the Intercoastal Waterway. It's time to see what else is available for land navigation...
I would like to a chance for this great contest.

I always like to try some new things, special the new version software. I can compare the new with the old one. I have a MS S/T with receiver, this month I have with it went to Montreal and Quebec, 90% time its working fine, but unfortunately, it didn't work by last day for some unknown reason: my laptop can find USB receive, but can not get any signal, when I back to home, it can working but with very slow to start find any stars information. If I can get this "DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 with USB GPS", would be much appreciated to try a different software and hardware of GPS.

Hopefully, I am luck enough and get the chance to post more test reports.
This is GR8, would be a nice addition to this new OTR (Over The Road) truck drivers $50 laptop. $300 for truck specific GPS maps (copilot truck) is just plain ridiculous
Wow, after reading this forum for many months, I finally registered and for this! This is great and thanks for the feedback.

I've been looking to upgrade my S&T 2006 edition. I just got an Acer Aspire One notebook and it works great with the GPS. Combining the new S&T 2009 with my new netbook will make this a great combination to help in my travels all around the Washington DC area for work and my camping trips all around Virginia and North Carolina.


Thanks for the chance.
Cool, i'd like to have a chance at this. I'm taking a trip to the usa in a couple months and this could come in very handy
I have been a Delorme LT-20 user for several years, I use the program in conjunction with our travels and rely heavily on it during my business travels also. My LT-20 is great, but I have heard that the LT-40 has advanced features that I am anxious to use. Delorme is a good name in laptop software and I trully expect the LT-40 to exceed my expectations. My son has the PN-20 and uses it frequently for hiking, geocaching, etc. we are sold out to Delorms.
Marvin Hlavac
*** Thanks to all who have participated***
*** Two recipients of DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 with LT-40 USB GPS receiver will be announced within two days ***
Hi .... I just found Laptop GPS World because I was looking for a site where I could compare Delorme and Garmin pc navigation programs.!! Lo and behold I missed out on entering give-away for the DeLorme 2009 Street Atlas and USB GPS. We will probably purchase the newest GPS from DeLorme as we just purchased a travel trailer and want to do more traveling around this good ole USA. What a bummer!! Oh well, perhaps you'll have another giveaway..
Marvin Hlavac
Hi joytravel,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

Yes, sorry, you just missed it. But stick around, as there may be something similar here a few months down the road .

My daughter and I just had fun putting the names of the participants into a jar, and she then picked two winners. I attempted to make a short video out of it. The quality is bad , but I will post it nevertheless . I hope to announce the two lucky names tomorrow morning.
Well, I don't know how I would use a second copy of SA 2009, probably give it away as a gift. The more I use mine on various trips the more I like it. Seems that customers of Delorme that have bought SA 2009 are being discriminated against.

Oops! I just realized that I am too late.
so who won?!
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