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My Streets & Trips wish: Live traffic, weather, and construction via Internet
99 F350
Are there any plans to add a live internet based traffic, weather, and construction reports to S&T? Similar to the Connected Services but have it work over the internet? I see that Live Maps has traffic reports, can you incorporate this into S&T?
I use the built in GPS receiver in my connection card, so I'm always connected to the internet when my GPS is active. It would be nice to have them work together to keep me out of traffic, bad weather, and construction.
I am new to using my laptop as a GPS, and was a little disappointed when I saw that it didn't have this.

Also in S&T 08, I noticed that the main road through town here is lacking in the block number. For example, I typed in the address to my shop and it just popped up the center of the zip code on the hwy. My shop is on US HWY 441 in Ocala, FL. It's not like it's in the back woods of the forest, this is the main 4 lane hwy though here. I noticed that there were no block numbers, or address numbers, through the area on US HWY 441/301/27. All three roads run together through my town. It's not too bad just a little annoying. At least it will get you in the area on the right road. Most of the smaller road have the address numbers correct, for the most part.
Just thought that you should know that last part. I have seen it posted here before, though. But in a different area.


If you have Internet access on the road, you might try setting up an icon on your desktop that will open up Live Maps, so you can quickly bring it up when you need to "peek" at the traffic patterns.

I use a site called Sig Alert. As I look at it, they only provide California maps. I thought it was nationwide, but apparently not.

I don't know what city you are in,so I don't know if your city is represented in their program, but here in CommieFornia, when I want to see the traffic patterns for Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, I open up this page and see the whole thing in a nutshell.

Marvin Hlavac
The desktop icon is a very good idea. However, the Microsoft's maps.live.com can do more than just show traffic flow. It can even take the traffic data into account when generating routes, if you so desire. That could be a useful feature for some users of Streets & Trips. I know I would love to experiment with that feature. Especially now that maps.live.com seems to cover all the highways in my area.
It generates routes?! I'll have to look at it a little closer!
Marvin Hlavac

maps.live.com will not replace your Streets & Trips in your truck any time soon, but this one single feature (choose route based on traffic) is indeed something I would love to see in future versions of Streets & Trips. Via the Internet, or via MSN Direct receiver.
99 F350

I would like to see it internet based.
Most of the interstates that I drive on are covered, I75, from Wildwood, FL north to the FL/GA state line, and I10, from Jacksonville, FL to the FL/AL state line, is the only part that's not covered on Live Maps. Oh and I95 north after you cross the FL/GA line would be nice too.
But, with the way it's going, I'm sure it will all covered eventually.

For now I am using http://www.flhsmv.gov/fhp/traffic/ while I'm in FL. But it would be nice to bring it all into one program. It's always up to date within 5 minutes, but it takes a lot of attention to switch back and forth, and read the page. I would like to bring it into S&T to minimize the attention it take to use it. It's limited in showing construction also.

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