Best overall USB GPS receiver under $100
I've been in the sat biz 26 years as a road warrior but never used nav or gps. Now, for as much a 'toy' as practical use, I'm looking for some educated opinions regarding best, smallest receiver with 5' or longer USB cable. I'll use Streets & Trips 2008/2009 or DeLorme software.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Viasat,

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Prices of USB GPS receivers have dropped down quite a bit over the past few years. You should be able to buy two or three of them for $100. Any relatively new model will do, just be careful, because I've seen some really old models over on eBay. Look for "tracking sensitivity" in specs. It should be around -159 dBm. Or if the chipset used is SiRFstarIII (or any other type that can achieve around -159 dBm) then you are buying a very good GPS unit.
And there are such things as USB extension cables. I wouldn't worry too much about cable length.
I have a BU-353 that I love. The cable is about 12' and the unit is weatherproof and has a magnetic base. I can't remember where I bought it, but it was under $40.

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