EXACTLY what happens when you "Send Map Feedback" in Streets & Trips?
I use S&T and I have AT&T Internet in my truck.

So as I drive around, I find errors!

For instance,

Martin's Grill
1004 S Santa Fe Ave
Vista CA 92084
(760) 724-1586

has been sold, and remodeled. it is now


Is it possible to use some editor (Word, Notepad, etc.) or some program to make minor DATA changes like this myself, then re-saving the master map file?

I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in The Peoples Republic of Commiefornia, freeway ON ramps and OFF ramps are added faster than you can say CalTrans! New neighborhoods pop up like weeds, streets are re-named or re-routed as part of the never-ending, maddening, mind-boggling chronic road construction, so the vehicle ICON wanders off into the wilderness following the actual street I am on, while the map tells me I am "off route" and tries to recalculate.

So what, exactly, happens when I "Send Map Feedback?"

If I trace a newly opened road or an on/offramp using the breadcrumbs, can I/SHOULD I save an image of the map showing the change and send it to Microsoft, and if so, WHERE should I send it? If I do send a map image or DATA feedback, will it be used to update the next version?

Microsoft buys the map data from Navteq. You can submit errors to Microsoft or direct to Navteq. If anything is done with the information, it probably won't show up in S&T for 2 years.

I sent a bunch of corrections to MS when I first started using S&T 5 years ago, and NONE of them were ever corrected. These were roads that were either missing from the map, or roads that no longer existed.

I don't believe there is any way to edit the map data yourself.

Marvin Hlavac
People may become discouraged after they use the Streets & Trips built-in "Send map feedback" feature, because there is no immediate feedback from Microsoft. Even if Microsoft later submits the feedback to Navteq, or to another map data provider, users don't know anyone has ever used the info they took their valuable time to submit.

Microsoft, in it's Knowledge Base article 281826, suggests (as an alternative) to submit map feedback directly to Navteq. I've tried it in the past, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an automated reply instantly, and then a follow up reply a few weeks later, informing me of the result of their investigation of the map error I reported. (This was few years ago, and Navteq's procedure might have changed since then.)

* How to submit feedback to Microsoft about the map data in Autoroute, in MapPoint, or in Streets and Trips

* NAVTEQ Map Reporter™
Hi BikerJoe,

If you have comments/feedback/corrections in regards specifically to the map data (ie roads, exits, POI, etc) - These are corrections that eventually need to go through a verification process by NAVTEQ. Once verified and their maps are updated Microsoft licenses the latest data for our application. When you use the MapReporter tool you may find that the issue has already been addressed by NAVTEQ.

If you have comments/feedback/corrections in regards specifically to the application then the Map Feedback Wizard is one way. Marvin's forum right here is another way.
Good day all,

I have read this forum for a while now. Learned a bunch. Thanks to all.

RE:send feedback

I have sent feedback a dozen times. I don't bother with new streets and stuff, only routing errors. I have a HVAC service company and use a Vaio laptop in my van. Streets and Trips is my guide. Sometimes the directions take me in a pretzel to drive down the street. Fortunately I know my area to save myself driving the same road twice! I wll try to read how to include a sample map file.

Thanks again. Scott
Marvin Hlavac
Hi paradigmventure,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Submitting errors is a good idea, since the errors may otherwise stay overlooked by Navteq for a while. But submitting new streets may not be as critical, since very likely Navteq will map new developments after they have been built (even without users telling them).
The NAVTEQ Map Reporter is slick! It seems much more likely that giving feedback directly to them will provide results.

One of the corrections I submitted to Microsoft years ago (a missing road in rural Missouri) is not fixed in S&T 2008, but IS fixed in the current Google Maps display (which also uses NAVTEQ).

The map data is frozen at some point in time before the mapping program (like S&T) ships. I suspect that updated map data is the primary reason that people purchase the updated version of the software. Not much motivation for the software companies to provide updates online for free.

I wonder how often Google gets updates from NAVTEQ? It might be worthwhile to check Google Maps before submitting a map correction; it might already be fixed...
Navteq releases map data quarterly.
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