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Streets & Trips: Rest Areas and Distance to Destination
I would like to see Rest Area marked and notification, they are on the 2007 but not identified.
I would like to see the Distance to the Destination displayed there are tones of areas where this can be easily added.
These two items should have been in 2008 or 2009. S+Ts is way behind my old Garmin from 10 years ago.
Mike C,
Originally Posted by mrcummings
I would like to see Rest Area marked and notification
yes yes yes....yes I agree
Marvin Hlavac
Hi mrcummings & trucker101,

One half of your wish came true in the new Streets & Trips 2010:

Driving Time, Next Stop, Distance To End

The new 2010 version of Streets & Trips now shows remaining driving time to destination, distance to next stop, and distance to end destination, all in the bottom right corner of the Navigation pane. This is a very welcome improvement, but I suspect many users may find the font size rather too small to see. I would vote for the removal of the progress bar, which in my humble opinion has very little practical value, and instead use the space to show the new Driving Time, Next Stop, and Distance To End, all in a larger font. And perhaps add ETA, too, so people will not have to add the driving time to the current time to know they will arrive at 7:35 PM.

Here's more info: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2380-review-microsoft-streets-trips

I, and I believe others, like the progress bar. It does not have to be eliminated. There is plenty of 'geography' on the Driver Guidance Pane and I am sure it could be placed somewhere else, or at worst down-sized. This should not be an either-or matter. The font was too small before 2010 and it is too small now. This is simply a design short-coming.
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