DeLorme Street Atlas 2009: Finding map ERRORS!! GRRRR!!!
Okay, so I have the new 2009 version and I do like it .. a lot!

However, I am finding errors in the maps all over my normal stomping grounds, and I want to report them and not have my report disappear into oblivion.

F'rinstance, a street near my home in Vista, CA. is Olive AVENUE, not Olive Drive. Only one of MANY wrongly named and therefore difficult to pull up while searching for a destination streets in this version.

So what can be done, or more accurately, done EFFECTIVELY?
Dear Biker Joe,

I'm sorry that the data is not to your liking in the areas that you looked at. We do strive to improve our data from year to year with adding and correcting hundreds of thousands of roads each year. We know that data is constantly changing across the country and never promise 100% accuracy.

One of the benefits of our data is that we update it in house and do not outsource from other providers. We greatly appreciate any data corrections that you may have and with the data being controlled in-house, when you submit a correction there is a good likelihood that your data corrections would be verified and implemented for future releases.

The best way to submit a data correction is to click on your "Netlink" tab and then "Corrections". You will be able to send in a screenshot and will have an area to describe what is incorrect.

Once again I apologize for any inconvenience that incorrect data has created.

DeLorme Team
Wow, first the Microsoft Team, now the DeLorme Team on the boards. I am really impressed.
Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by ktrack
Wow, first the Microsoft Team, now the DeLorme Team on the boards. I am really impressed.
No, the very first was actually iNav, the maker of iGuidance! ;-)

Welcome to the forum, Jason!
My apologies, no slight intended. I probably should have chosen the wording of my comment more carefully.
Please don't get me wrong. You guys at DeLorme have designed a FANTASTIC PROGRAM! I would recommend SA 2009 to anyone.

Okay, well, get ready for some "corrections" to be sent your way! I hope you won't get tired of receiving them, but perhaps because my truck has AT&T wireless broadband net access and I can pull over and submit the corrections on-the-spot, I can send street name corrections, dead ends that route through and so forth as I stumble upon them. I am on the road about 18 hours per day, so I DO find them!
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