POI websites for DeLorme Street Atlas?
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had some good websites for snagging POI's for the DeLorme software. I saw the Microsoft thread, POI Mega File, which has a couple free things in it, but nothing for the Delorme Street Atlas.


Would be nice for a program like is posted for Streets & Trips that alerts you to POI'S that you choose to be alerted for when you get close.
The Discovery Owners site is very good for RV oriented POI's and can be found at http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfolinks.htm , also there is the POI Factory which is http://www.poi-factory.com/ . There are probably more sites out there but these two cover alot of files.
www.poi-factory.com has many many POI files but they are mostly in the Garmin .cvs format which I have been unable to load into SA 2009.

I wrote a program to convert the Garmin .csv files into .txt files useable with SA 2009. I wrote it for my own use so it is not a really polished program. It may have some bugs in it but I have used it to convert a number of files and it worked for me. I would be happy to share it with anyone who wants it. It is written in Visual Basic and since I have slow dial up I don't want to send the Visual Basic 6 runtime files so you should have them on your computer. I believe they are part of Win XP and Vista.

Send me a message with your email address and I will send you the install program.
Check out RV Directions 2009. We have over 50,000 POI's for RVers including campgrounds of all types, fuel stops, rest stops, Elks Lodges, mountain passes, restaurants, shopping locations and casinos. All include detail on the location. For example, campground POI's will include cost, ratings, site attributes, WiFi availability, directions, etc. RV Directions works with Streets and Trips, Street Atlas Plus, and will also work with most Garmin GPS units. We can be found at www.rvdirections.com .
I got the .csv to work in DeLorme Street Atlas 2009. Go to "XDATA" tab click import on the right side of that tab screen. Select Longitude and latitude for the two columns with the GPS points as you go through the process; HINT: latitude for smaller numbers. I didn't have to select anything else other than "NEXT"

All of a sudden you have 20,000 campsites

.csv is SUPER EASY!

Does anyone know if the tomtom .OV2 work?

I haven't come across a text file yet to import. Purchased it 3 hours ago. Hey does anyone know where to find the BLM campsites data, they are ussually free and rarely full, but lacking on the amenities.

Hey stewfish,

This is probably a dumb question, maybe I am looking right at it and not seeing it, but where is the "XDATA"tab?

There is a .csv file of US Federal and State campgrounds on POI Factory. It has COE campsites but I didn't see any BLM campsites. There is also a file of Public Campgrounds but they are not identified as to which branch runs them.
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