ALK CoPilot Live Laptop 10 arrived for a review
Marvin Hlavac

ALK CoPilot 10 just arrived for a review. I was expecting the software-only version, but a very welcome surprise bonus is the included GPS receiver. The unit is branded "CoPilot", but it is in fact the very popular BU-353 by GlobalSat - a USB GPS receiver based on the excellent SiRFstarIII chipset.

Beside the program-only version, ALK also offers it bundled with a choice of a Philips GPS unit (software GPS), BU-353 by Globalsat, or a Bluetooth unit.

After having reviewed Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008, and iNav iGuidance 4, a couple of days ago I started to work on a review of DeLorme Street Atlas 2008. When that is done, in about a week or two, I will start working on ALK CoPilot Live Laptop 10.

EDIT: ALK CoPilot Live | Laptop 10 review has just been posted.
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