Student, 24, travels across the USA with Streets & Trips to support a charity
Marvin Hlavac

Tim McConnell, a.k.a. Timbo, is a 24 year old college student. He has six classes left until he graduates with a Bachelors in Technical Management with a specialty in electronics. He plans to visit all 48 state capitals - in one road trip!

The trip expenses are estimated at $3,000. He collects donations. Any amount collected above the $3,000 will be donated to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - a Charity specializing in awareness, treatment, and support of the most common mental illness, one which many members of his family, and some friends suffer from.

The whole trip was planned using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008. The same software is being also used for real-time GPS navigation on his laptop computer.

Read about his trip at http://www.timbotrip.com/

Good luck Tim!
Thanks, Marvin!

Microsoft has already contacted me about the trip as well - the Streets and Trips team invited me to Redmond - so I'll be there after next week!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Tim, welcome to the forums. Please, take some photos, when in Redmond, and post them here.
I will for sure!
Marvin Hlavac
It is never wise to do software upgrades in the middle of a trip - one never knows what may go wrong
Tim now uses Streets & Trips 2009 for his road trip.

It was nice meeting you Tim, Have a Great trip

Marvin Hlavac

I love the magnetic sign you guys made for Tim!

Have a safe trip, Tim! The new Streets and Trips 2009 should make the rest of your trip at least a bit more pleasant.
Marvin Hlavac
I just stumbled upon this now 4 year old thread, and I wondered how Tim was doing. I went to his blog. He still travels A LOT! His blog is full of photos from his trips. Judging by an S&T screen shot he posted in one of his blog posts a few months ago, he still uses the program.
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