GPS receiver Bluetooth plus USB
Hi everyone,

I am looking at getting a new gps reciever. I would like it to have both bluetooth and usb. I looked around but there are so many choices out there. I am running Vista on my laptop hopefully that does not effect the choices. Any suggestions?

I use an iTrek M7 combo unit and find it as good as or better than any other GPS receiver I have, Bluetooth or USB. I have tested the USB in XP and Vista and each can load a suitable driver without using the install disk. Battery life seems good and it has an option to change from 1Hz to 5Hz signal (I haven't tested this but others have). It also works fine with the Vista Bluetooth stack as well as the Toshiba and Widcomm stacks on XP.

I have not tried any other combo units though so cannot compare it to them.

Marvin Hlavac
I used iTrek M7, too, and I was happy with it. A little bit of info about this topic has been posted here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/516-dual-usb-bluetooth-gps-receivers
Just a note. Neither the iTrek M7 nor the Holux GPSlim 236 appear to be able to put out a signal at less than 38400 bps on the USB port. This is not usable with most GPS programs which require 4800. It can be converted by GPS Gate but that presents other problems. I would rate them as usable only in their Bluetooth mode under normal circumstances.

I did some further testing. The Holux GPSlim236 in USB mode will not work with S&T 2009 giving a message about data being incorrect. However it will work with Mobile PC in USB mode. The iTrek M7 will not work with either program in USB mode. In fact when I was testing it with Mobile PC on one computer, MPC successfully locked on to the Bluetooth output of the GPSlim which was providing USB data to another computer.

The Holux GPSlim 236 uses a special cord (with a built in USB to COM converter) if you wish to use it as a USB GPS. This means the device must operate on its internal battery in this mode. This negates the advantage of USB operation. The iTrek M7 uses a standard mini to USB cord and will charge from the computer when in USB mode. Unfortunately it does not appear to support standard navigation programs. Either unit may be operated with a mini to USB charging cord in Bluetooth mode but that defeats the advantage of Bluetooth.

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