iGuidance 2010 suggestions
Seemed like a good time to start a suggestions topic for the next version of iGuidance.
  1. Ability to import custom POI's
  2. Ability to save your current location to a custom POI category
  3. Ability to export your custom POI's that you've added (only personal POI's, not the built-in ones that came with iG)
  4. Change auto-zoom to be speed based. EG: at 55mph, autozoom should start at about 1mile from the next turn
  5. Release an SDK so that iGuidance could be more easily embedded into a front-end software, such as Centrafuse or Streetdeck

That's all I have for now.
Marvin Hlavac
My wife uses a PND based on (Intellinav) iGuidance software. She is not a geek like many of us at this forum. She is (just) an ordinary GPS user, who has only learned the basic features of the product. She only knows how to input destination address, and how to look up recent or favorite destinations. That is really all she knows, and that is all that she needs to know to be able to use the GPS PND for all her needs. If you set the zoom level to an inappropriate level, she will see that something doesn't look right, but she will keep on driving like that for many many days, till I notice it and change it for her. I've explained to her (more than once) that the (+) and (-) buttons are for changing zoom levels. I don't think she ever used the (+) and (-) buttons, and I know if I ever change the zoom level too low or too high, she will not know how to correct it again. She just has no use for learning anything more than the very basic stuff. And I think the single one feature that would improve usability of iGuidance for people like her, and also for most of the rest of us, would be a new type of auto-zoom. The type of auto-zoom Garmin (and others) have. A smooth and gradual zooming, as opposed to one big jump as it has always been in all version of iGuidance (2009 and earlier).

Which function of iGuidance do I use the most? I think it is zoom-in and zoom-out. Interestingly, I very seldom need to change zoom level in Garmin Mobile PC.
I love true auto-zooming features.

In CoPilot, there are different views (with auto-zoom). They are "Destination" and "Next Turn". When you use either of these, the display slowly zooms in as you drive, keeping either your Destination or Next Turn at the edge of the screen. These are my 2 most used views.

I do like the auto-zoom in iGuidance - I only wish it'd start zooming sooner on a turn.

I've never used Garmin MobilePC, but I'm assuming the zoom is setup the same as their standalone units. It'll hold the same zoom level until you either approach a turn or your destination.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, Garmin Mobile PC holds the same zoom level till you reach a certain distance to next turn. At that point it will slowly zoom in as you get closer to the turn. The smooth zooming seems to me more natural, and more user friendly, than the one big jump of iGuidance 2009 (and earlier).
That's what I figured was the zooming setup. It's the same as their standalone units. Very nice feature indeed.
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