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Import GPX files from my GPS
I would like to be able to import my after the fact GPX file which is based on traveling using the route I've developed using S&T and determine the precise travel time, the precise route, and other comparatives. I can do that using Delorme's Street Atlas USA and do so, but I use S&T to develop most of my routing in the first place, so having to switch to Delorme for this purpose is a bit annoying. I also use RouteConverter.exe to add elevation information to my GPX files, but again would like to be able to do so in S&T
I wish that GPX format was fully supported period.

Hard to believe that GPX import is not supported. I use it almost daily (geocaching etc.). To import and display the track/route recorded by an handheld GPS is very nice feature and should be fully supported.
Marvin Hlavac
The new Streets & Trips 2010 is now able to import/export GPX files.
See 'Summary of GPX import and export in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010' for my findings.

Altering the historical GPX file of where you have been is better done in a program designed for that, such as Route Converter, which is freeware.
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