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Destination, ETA, Data all in one place
  • I would like to see an actual eta instead of having to do the math of time to destination, i.e., ETA 1:15pm
  • When in full screen mode (F11), I'd like to see all the info at the bottom of the screen with the driving guidence, i.e., curr time, eta, MPH, etc. This way I could have the advantage of a full-scree view with all the data I need for monitoring in the same place - eliminating the need for me to have the smaller view.
  • Use less space with the driving guidence pane - more map. Make it adjustable.
That's my 2 cents...kpl
Seconded. They could add a column to the directions display that shows when you passed each point, and updates future arrival times continuously. Put this column just to the right of the current 'Time' column, which is pretty useless except in the trip planning stage.
Marvin Hlavac
The actual ETA is still missing, but the new 2010 version of Streets & Trips now shows remaining driving time to destination, distance to next stop, and distance to end destination, all in the bottom right corner of the Navigation pane: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2380-review-microsoft-streets-trips
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