u-Blox GPS technology to power new Microsoft USB GPS Receiver
I use the BT adapter and love it! If you already have the Pharos GPS-500 as do other purchasers of the complete MSFT package. The Pharos BT dock can be purchased for as little as $45 from various resellers. It is well worth that price to me.

Marvin Hlavac

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$45 is much better than what it cost a few years ago. Originally these Bluetooth docks were selling for around a hundred dollars, but that was still for the older GPS-360 receiver.

Even the new u-Blox USB GPS stick will have such Bluetooth accessory available for purchase. I don't know the price at the moment.

By the way, thanks to Microsoft (Juan Cooldude ) I now have the new u-Blox USB GPS receiver here for testing. I will be soon sharing my first impressions.
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