Clicking "where to" or "view map" in Garmin Mobile PC does nothing.
Clicking "view map" in garmin mobile pc does nothing. In fact it appears to hang.
I downloaded the nz map from mapcenter2 then ran Mapsource to send the maps etc to the device.
It all appears to work as I can see the name of the map in garmin.
I even used Mapsource to receive the maps etc from the device i.e garmin mobile pc.

Also unlocked the maps as well
My gps is setup in the garmin (has 4 green bars lit up)

Any ideas?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi sloanie,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

A week passed without any reply. It seems none of us can think of a possible solution . Have you managed to correct it in the mean time?
Ken in Regina
Sometimes MapSource can mess up when it's compiling a mapset to transfer. Whenever I encounter unusual problems right after transfering a mapset to my other Garmin device I usually just run MapSource and transfer it again. The second time I try it I usually make it a point not to do anything else on the computer while MapSource is compiling and transfering.

Thanks for the help guys. I got it going. Basically I was installing the wrong maps
Ken in Regina
That's do it, all right.

Glad you got it working and thanks for updating us.

I had a similar problem but figured out it was because I had no Basemap in the GarminMobilePC folder.

So I've renamed a copy of my working UK mapset from City Navigator and that seems to work but takes a while - doesn't show immediately.

Does anyone have (or know where I can get) a real basemap .img file from to drop into the folder?

The file I need is called gmapbmap.img I think.

Got everything else working on my eee901, including my bluetooth TomTom GPS device

All help appreciated - Dayzee
Solved my prob anyway - another poster said that the map packs normally have a base map included, and indeed, I found an img file With the name of the map pack I have (City Navigator Europe 2008) in the map folder.

So I put it in the GarminMobilePC folder and renamed it gmapbmap.img and Voila!!! All sorted!!

Just posting in case anyone else has this prob

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by Dayzee
Just posting in case anyone else has this prob
That's always very much appreciated, Dayzee. And :welcome: to the forum!
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