Streets and Trips for real estate
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Here's one for the 'tips and tricks category'. If you're a real estate agent, or on the market for a new home - Microsoft Streets and Trips can bring clarity to what otherwise can be a murky, stressful process. The link below will bring you to the article.

Marvin Hlavac
Nice article, Keith! That was an excellent idea to turn on the GPS trail feature while looking at houses. I almost never use the GPS trail feature, but you pointed at a situation when it may be very helpful to enable it.
My Point...Exactly
Thanks Marvin - I'm also not a heavy user of 'GPS Trail' - BUT - it can be a handy tool.

I've used it when on business travel, had a little extra time, and took a drive to see if the area I was in would be a good place to bring the family back on vacation. I used it on Amelia Island Florida to find a beach condo. I drove along the beach area with GPS trail checked, and added pushpins with notes in the balloon. Then over the winter, I found a beach rental that was on my recorded trail and knew it was in a location we would be happy with.

GPS Trail is also a great trail marker. There are allot of colonial roads and trails around my house that I like to hike. I've got an old laptop that I throw in a backpack with GPS activated and 'Trail' checked and take a hike.

I change the power profile in the laptop so the computer keeps running while the lid is closed. I create a very accurate map as I walk the trails. Because I'm not running the display I can get about 4 hours out of this old Compaq - so as long as I stop and save the map within that time, I'm good. With a second battery - I'm good for the whole day.
Marvin Hlavac
The GPS Trail feature may be very useful to people looking for houses in newly developed subdivisions, which are not in Streets & Trips at all, yet. Just enable the feature, and as you drive, the program will keep drawing on the map your trail. That way you will not have to travel in circles, you will not get lost, and in no time you will have the whole new neighborhood on your map.
My Point...Exactly
The trail tracking feature is so good that you can see your car driving around the cul-de-sac.
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