Do GPS Recievers travel the Atlantic ?
I am planning to visit the US (Florida) soon and use a cheap USB receiver here in the UK. I have obtained MS Streets & Trips software and my question is will my reciever work in the US as it does here? or will i need a receiver specifically for the US ?

Thanks in advance

Mick, As long as the receiver you currently own mates up to Streets and Trips (ie., 4800 baud and NEMA compliant) then it will work anywhere. Streets however will be another issue once you leave Canada or the United States. Good luck on your visit, hope you enjoy your stay.
Marvin Hlavac
I think you will have a lot of fun watching your location on the map of Streets and Trips, as you fly or sail from Europe to North America. Enjoy your trip, and welcome to Laptop GPS World.
Thanks guys I'm looking forward to it very much.
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