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Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 - POIs at various zoom levels
John Fucile
I am looking for a way to select at which screen scale that the POI icons appear on the viewed map. The symbol for a gas station does not show up until the scale is about 600 yards. I would like to see the distinct gas station symbol at a scale 3 miles. At 3 miles the little dot is gone. I have a motor home and on the highway the low scale is not enough time to look into the future. On the road I only search for 2 POI, gas stations and campgrounds. Can anyone help?
Looks like no one is stepping up on this one so lets have a go at it. John do you trip plan by laying out a route and then follow it or do you just have Streets follow you as you drive? If you are route planning, what I have found to be effective is to set up in the options table my estimated fuel usage and then schedule my fuel stop at a Flying J, Petro or any of the other truck stops along the way. By doing it this way I can usually set it up so that the break from driving, includes fueling, bathroom break, lunch, and a short walk or series of stretches to stay loose. This way, when you add the stop to your route, you have full directions into the station and plenty of advanced notice. The wife and I rarely do drive ups to campgrounds anymore. So again, all of our stops are set up in advance or if it is just a few hours for a nap and meal then any old safe flat spot does just fine. Bass Pro Shop with an Islamorada Fish House is wonderful. Just how we do it.
John Fucile
Thank you for confirming what I am doing may be as good as it gets. I though that when one is not sure of his timing the displayed symblols would be a help.
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