Navteq Expands Traffic Patterns in Europe, beginning with Germany
Marvin Hlavac
Historic Traffic Database Includes Nearly 200,000 Kilometers of Coverage in Germany

Chicago,IL-- NAVTEQ (NYSE: NVT), a leading global provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions announces the availability of NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns(TM) in Germany. This is the first NAVTEQ traffic product available in Europe and marks the beginning of a dedicated effort to expand NAVTEQ's content-rich, high-quality traffic information outside of North America.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is a historical database with information about the average traffic flow velocity for specific sections of roadways, and enables more accurate navigation calculations so drivers can avoid typical congestion areas and rely on more accurate arrival time estimates.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns has the capability to calculate the most ideal route based on historical traffic flow patterns, which change for various times of the day as well as days of the week. NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is a unique traffic product in that the traffic data actually functions as an attribute as the NAVTEQ map. Since it relies on historical data, it can be immediately integrated into systems compiling our map database.

For commuters, emergency service providers and surface vehicle fleets, NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns will provide routing information to avoid traffic-congested areas, improve arrival time estimates based on likely traffic conditions at the time of day and day of the week, and reduce fuel costs.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns for Germany includes:
  • Launched with nearly 200,000 kilometers of roads in Germany, including more than 90% of the largest and most heavily traveled roads in more than 15 major urban areas
  • Five traffic models (Monday, Tuesday-Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) which provide the most relevant historical traffic information available for specific travel days
  • 24-hour speed values in one-hour increments, which provide the most relevant historical traffic information for specific times of day
  • Coverage from the largest major freeways down to smaller neighborhood roads, resulting in optimal detours and city routing
In North America, the NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns product covers over 910,000 miles across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. "Customers have been asking for us to expand our very successful NAVTEQ Traffic solutions outside of North America, and our launch of NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns in Germany marks the beginning of a dedicated effort to offer European commuters quality traffic information that will save them time and money," said Howard Hayes, Vice President, Traffic for NAVTEQ.

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