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Improvements to Streets and Trips
Small improvements on Streets and Trips-
1. export my pushpin list without the directions to excel or word.
2. universal schedule stop time for all contacts- i.e. 20minutes per stop.
3. stop and start time for each day of the trip.
4. edit pushpin comments in information window.
the last of the door to door salesman
If I follow your requests, I think #4 exists.

In ST2007, I would double click an icon. The top field is the name, of course. The bottom field allowed a comment.

With ST2009, I find that double clicking an icon causes me to zoom in. Kind of annoying. I'd rather the zoom in worked when one double clicks an empty spot, say beside the icon.

So for ST2009, I click the icon. Then press <F8> the access the information.

Hope this helps.

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