How to install MapSource to add maps to Mobile PC
The iPAQ running Que (or XT for that matter) works the same as Mobile PC when you are connected by ActiveSync. You use the 'Receive from Device' icon and choose Que from the list. You can then save your waypoints, routes, tracks and even maps in MapSource.

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Ken in Regina
That won't work with the iQue, Terry. This is one area that all iQue users really dislike.

1. You cannot transfer anything except maps TO the iQue.

2. You cannot transfer anything except tracks FROM the iQue. And you have to install a Track conduit into the Hotsync manager for that to work.

Mapsource can't talk directly to the iQue.

1. When you create a mapset and Transfer To the iQue, it puts the map file in the Palm Desktop Install directory for the iQue and sets the Install flag for it. Then you need to Hotsync the iQue to get the maps transferred to the iQue.

Or, if you have a card reader on your PC, you can Transfer the mapset directly to the SD card for use in the iQue.

2. With the Garmin Track conduit installed in the Hotsync manager, every time you sync the iQue the track files on the iQue are transferred into a Tracks directory in the Palm Desktop. When you ask Mapsource to Receive the tracks from the iQue, it actually just reads the tracks from the file in the Tracks directory in the Palm Desktop (c:\Program Files\Palm\{your iQue's name}\Tracks\).

Mapsource never connects directly with the iQue. Not ever.


As you know, the iQue stores the waypoints in the Palm Addressbook. You may not know that the location information is actually stored in the "Custom 4" field of the addressbook record. You can't see this on the iQue but if you sync your Addressbook with the Palm Desktop (rather than, say, Outlook), you can look at an addressbook entry in the Palm Desktop that is actually a waypoint and you will see some gobbledygook in the Custom 4 field that starts with the word "GARMIN" followed by a bunch of letters and numbers. That's the location data for that waypoint.

So, in your Palm Addressbook on the iQue you have a bunch of addressbook entries, some of which contain location information. The ones with location information are considered by the iQue to be waypoints. The ones without location information are not.

If you are interested in a moderately complicated solution, there is a multistep method to get your waypoints from the iQue into Mapsource. It requires you to install a shareware utility called "Birdwatch" on the iQue. It has some other interesting features that might interest you, but the thing that will be of immediate interest is that it will load any waypoints into a .gpx file on the SD card that you can open in Mapsource.

There are limitations.

A. It does not transfer the whole addressbook. It only transfers waypoints, eg. those entries from the addressbook that have location info in them.

B. It does not transfer the entire waypoint entry. It only transfers the location and a few characters (13 or 17, can't remember which) of the Name field.

Let me know if you get Birdwatch and want some help figuring out how to transfer the waypoints. It's actually not difficult once you know how to do it, but it's not terribly obvious to figure it out the first time.

If you drop by Joseph's site to pick up Birdwatch, also take a look at his other utilities for the iQue. I use Fastfinger and Queiet. Everyone loves Queiet. Fastfinger is a matter of taste.

Ken in Regina
Ooops, I misspoke. All of Joseph's programs are freeware.

I read it again. I read iPaq and it was really iQue.

Thanks Ken,
I have downloaded "queiet... good call!
And thanks for the custom 4 info.
Now that I know it is field "custom 4" holding the waypoint data that answers the question for exporting it, sorting it and then running the data through BatchGeocoder which I can then save as kml and run through GPSBabel save as a gdb and load to Mapsource and send to Mobile PC (I know there other might be easier ways but those are steps I have used for other stuff and am familiar with it! More than 1 way to skin a cat!)
In fact as I write this it is done~
Thanks again for the help!
Ken in Regina

Can you let me know if those locations actually work when you get them over to Mobile PC. The format that they are stored in the Custom 4 field is not any standard location format. Does one of those programs you mentioned decode them into one of the standard latitude/longitude formats?

I only used the custom 4 field to sort my addresses. (to show me which ones were waypoints) Then I took the address, city, state zip, name and put it into geocoder... so it works fine because it codes it with the real coord. Converted the kml to gdb. Loaded it in Mapsource changed the icons and sent it to Mobile PC.

I didn't have many 20-30 so it wasn't a big deal.

Is there a way to use the Garmin waypoint number in Mobile PC?

Is there a way to use a kml coord and put it in to look up location...

Is there a way to copy and paste into Mobile PC? (Say the numbers for the address rather than typing it, copy from text and paste it?)
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