Streets & Trips 2009 - how many installations are allowed?
Can you only use one copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 on one computer? i.e., do I need to buy a second copy if I want to also use it on my laptop at the same time I have it on my home desktop?

I know many software vendors used to allow an owner to have just one copy of their software but they allowed us to install it on more then one computer, provided the other computer was also owned by the same person.
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The license agreement is the same as it was in 2008 and before:

a. Licensed Device. The licensed device is the device on which you use the software. You may install and use one copy of the software on the licensed device.
b. Portable Device. You may install another copy on a portable device for use by the single primary user of the licensed device.
Two laptops, fine. One laptop and one desktop, fine. Two desktops, not fine.
I highly assume that Microsoft has no way to tell whether the product is installed on a laptop or a desktop, therefore I can see nobody following this part of the EULA...
Marvin Hlavac
What's the definition of "desktop" computer, anyway? For a few years I used a desktop PC, sitting on the floor, behind the driver sear, for Streets & Trips and my all other mobile needs.

By the way, the EULA doesn't use the term "desktop". Instead it talks about Licensed Device and Portable Device. It makes more sense that way.
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