Garmin Mobile PC outside USA and Canada
Marvin Hlavac
As of today, September 18, 2008, there still is only one version of Garmin Mobile PC - a version that comes with street-level map data for USA and Canada. Despite of that, it is possible to get the program working with maps of other countries.

Tan Kit Hoong of Malaysia writes: "With the popularity of Intel Atom-based mini notebooks that last five to six hours on a single charge, I recently started thinking about another possible use for it — as a GPS navigation device."

Tan Kit Hoong bough the North American version of Garmin Mobile PC, and then he used local free maps downloaded from a local website.

I've read here at Laptop GPS World of several people successfully using Garmin Mobile PC in countries outside USA and Canada.

Anyone willing to share their success or failure stories of adding maps to Garmin Mobile PC?
well i'm in england and used city navigator maps with gmpc. mine is hooked up to a carputer.
Good Morning...a quarter to eight o`clock...
Living in Montevideo (S34 54 07.8 W56 11 33.1) ... I`m a luckely neighbour of brasilian and argentinian people.Both have an extraordinary comunity of Garmin GPS`s users... and both have made their own MapSource Maps...detailed , street level and routable.Both free .The argentinian version also contains maps 4 Uruguay,Chile and Paraguay.

Proyecto TrackSource in Brasil

Proyecto Mapear en Argentina
http://www.proyectomapear.com.ar/ Here the only charge you must register in the forum...

Have a nice Week...
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thank you for your help. I will try it. best regards.

Unlocking new maps for GMPC works perfectly with the local maps I'm using. Software only product last update 5.00.50g.
First you have to get your unit ID with Mapsource or under GMPC itself under "Settings" then "About" software ID on top of the screen. Of course numbers are the same 10 digits.
As far as I can say there is no link with the bluetooth GPS iD i'm using (Qstarz model).
With the unit ID I requested a new unlock code (my maps are already unlocked on Mapsource for a PDA running with Garmin Que).
Then use this new unlock code with "Unlock wizard" and create a mapset to send to your device listed "Garmin mobile pc".
You have to understand that even if your map is unlocked under Mapsource and you can see it on your computer you have to unlock it a second time for your new device.
I guess it should work the same way with any official garmin map if you have an unlock code matching your unit ID.

Identified problems.
It works only with Mapsource 6.13.7 (6.14.1 doesn't work yet)
Tool "intersections" doesn't work
If you import your Way points accentuated letters (I use french) are a problem and after such a letter only a few of the following ones are displayed.


I forgot one important thing. Just in case make a backup of your original map.
Another thing. The map I'm using are Malsingmaps Malaysia map 2.30
Mark Johnson

This is probably not an entirely appropriate thread for this enquiry, but it seems as close as I'll find. Apologies for the loose fit.

I've been reading this site for a few weeks, and have found most of the information I need but there are some technical issues I cannot resolve.

As background, I live in Sydney Australia and am planning a driving trip in the UK next year. From a work related project I have a high sensitivity u-blox 5 USB evaluation receiver (EVK-5H). I would like to use the u-blox receiver both here in Australia and next year in Europe. Garmin's Mobile PC software looked like a good match to my needs. Unfortunately Garmin has not revealed any plans to release an Australian version of the Mobile PC package.

The information provided here (thanks to the contributors) indicates that it is possible to share maps between City Navigator and Mobile PC, so I have bought a copy of City Navigator Australia NT 2009. I also have an evalaution copy of GPSGate which allows the u-blox receiver to communicate with nRoute.

Unfortunately I cannot unlock the MapSource maps to get value from City Navigator without an activation code, which appears to need a Garmin receiver serial number.

I have 3 somewhat interconnected questions:

1 - Can I unlock the maps without a Garmin receiver?
(It looks like a no, but it doesn't say so explicitly on the packaging)

2 - If I buy the Mobile PC Europe (software only) version, will the laptop it is installed on become a "virtual Garmin receiver" which will allow me to unlock the City Navigator Australia maps?

3 - If I buy Mobile PC Europe (with a Garmin receiver 10x/20x) to allow me to unlock the Australian maps, will I subsequently be able to use my non-Garmin (higher sensitivity) receiver with Mobile PC on the laptop?

Apologies for being long winded, and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I can provide an opinion only as I do not have any locked maps to try.

1.) It is my understanding you will require Garmin hardware to unlock your maps to.

2.) You will not be able to use locked maps with the software-only version of Garmin Mobile PC

3.) You will not be able to use the Qstarz with a hardware bundle Mobile PC. Although the Qstarz is slightly more sensitive, you will not notice the difference in any real-world situation. The Qstarz may be able to obtain lock inside a building where the 10x couldn't (or it may not). Properly placed in a vehicle, they will be equal. I recommend the 10x as it is capable of providing standard NMEA data for other navigation programs. The 20x would require a helper program in that situation (Garmin Spanner for XP, otherwise GPS Gate).

Ken in Regina
Hi Mark,

Here are the answers:

1. NO

2. NO

3. NO

The good news is that for not much more than the price of a GPS-10x receiver you can get a Mobile PC/GPS-10x/City Navigator Europe 2009 bundle. More good news: the GPS-10x receiver is as good a receiver as you will find. I have the GPS-10x (Bluetooth), an i.Trek M7 dual-mode (Bluetooth or USB), a Pharos-500 (USB) and a u-Blox 5 (USB). In use, there is no practical difference in the performance. They are all quick to get a location fix and they will get reception in some difficult conditions.

I love the Bluetooth receivers because I don't have to deal with a cable. It's so easy to place them where they'll get the best possible reception.

So once you have the GPS-10x there's really no need to use the non-Garmin receiver with Mobile PC. The GPS-10x also outputs standard NMEA data so you can use it with other, non-Garmin, nav programs on your computer. I've used mine with Streets&Trips2008, Mappoint2009, Street Atlas2008, iGuidance9 and Navigator8, and with Garmin's Mobile XT on my Palm T|X.

If you want "long-winded" just read some of my posts. Yours was well-written, with all the information, and only the information needed to put your questions in the proper context. Usually it is true that a longer initial message shortens the thread considerably because the questions can be answered immediately instead of having to conduct a lengthy interrogation to get enough information to answer the questions. Goodonya, mate!

Mark Johnson
Thanks Ken and Terry

I suspected as much.

My only problem now is that Garmin advertises:
Mobile PC for North America in 3 versions
- software only, with 10x, with 20x.
Mobile PC for Europe in only 2 versions
- software only, with 20x.

There is no advertised version of 10x with the European software - I'm chasing Garmin Australia, but does anyone know if there is a European version with the 10x?

As an aside, once I have the Garmin receiver, I'll probably try to get the u-blox running as well - at least with the nRoute software - I have a work based interest in indoor positioning.

Thanks again
The Qstarz is probably better than the Navation 168 (u-blox) if that is the one you are referring to. I wasn't impressed with its ability to obtain lock indoors. And the ability of the computer to lose track of where the Navation is connected after Sleep or restart is quite difficult to deal with.

Either will work with nRoute providing you route the signal through GPS Gate.

Mark Johnson
Thanks Terry

The unit we are using is an evaluation module direct from u-blox - (EVK-5H) - not pretty or highly finished. It has a small aluminium box with a USB socket and an SMA connector for the RF, and also a longish coaxial cable to a remote patch antenna with integrated LNA.

If I ever get it working with nRoute I'll report back.

Ken in Regina
That remote antenna with the integrated low-noise amp should help for indoor use. As long as the beast puts out standard NMEA sentences you'll be able to use it with a variety of GPS utilities. If you pick up Franson's GPSGate it will work fine with nRoute. You just need to tell it that you want to have one Garmin output (I think that's default anyway). GPSGate has a free trial period so you can give it a whirl to see if it's something you want/need.

I'm not sure what you are doing for indoor positioning but if it's not anything requiring maps, eg. road or water based navigation, there are utilities out there that will display your geographic coordinates, create a log of the data received and even show a track of your movement.

Are you aware of the limitations on positional accuracy of these consumer-grade devices? Will that be a factor for the indoor positioning use(s)?

Mark Johnson
Hello again

I've been doing some more homework (thanks for help so far) and hope I now have a clear way to get Australian and European maps to work.

I have City Navigator Australia 2009 already. I still need a Garmin receiver to activate the maps. I am planning to buy Mobile PC Europe with the GPS 20x receiver over the net.
I think that the GPS20x should allow me to activate the City Navigator Australia maps.

Is this true?

I believe the combination of the two sets of software and the hardware will allow the sharing of maps between the nRoute and Mobile PC applications.

Again is this true?

(My reading seems to indicate Mobile PC is better for navigating, but perhaps weaker for trip planning.)

If there is some obvious problem and/or any suggestions I'd value hearing them.

Finally on a side note - once the City Navigator maps are unlocked (using the GPS 20x) will I be able to use GPSGate and nRoute to operate another USB receiver?

regards and thanks
It all sounds basically correct. I assume the Australian maps you have are in a non-compiled format. That is, you can use them with nRoute with GPS Gate. If so, you can use MapSource to transfer them to Mobile PC

Mobile PC will come with precompiled maps for Europe. They will not work with MapSource or nRoute.

It might be easier to just buy a europe maps uncompiled and use both with your u-blox, GPS Gate, and nRoute.

Did I miss anything?

Mark Johnson
Hi Terry

Every time I think I'm getting there, a new issue arises to show my ignorance.

How do you tell if the maps are compiled?
With GPS Gate running, nRoute shows crude global positions, but no detailed mapping using the u-blox. I believe I need the Garmin receiver serial number to activate/unlock the Australian maps.

I'm prepared to buy the City Navigator Europe maps, but I think I still need the Garmin serial no to unlock them. Also it was my impression that Mobile PC offered voice output which nRoute did not.

If I understand your comments, it sounds like the Mobile PC Europe maps cannot use nRoute trip planning under any circumstance. That's a pity but not a show stopper.

It is helpful for me to use the Australian maps under Mobile PC to get used to the operation of the software in preparation for Europe.

I must say that the whole setup of different mapping sources and different applications and different hardware offers in different countries must confuse even Garmin - there must be an easier way!

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