Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
I downloaded Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 trial, but it won't install properly. It says: "A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer support for more assistance. Error 0xC004D301"

Anyone had this error?

I received same error after installing the trial. I called MS and a tech wound up connecting to my laptop, only to say "it's a trial so we can't help, but I'll report it." I got another call from another tech to tell me same thing. He suggested I buy a version and then they might help!

Thanks for the info Pete. I do intend to buy it when it is available here in Canada. I think today was the release date. I am a little worried though, because this is the laptop I intend to use it on. It installed fine on my desktop. Both XP. Someone is helping me from this board. I think they are from MS so we'll see what happens.

Dave Mann
I received this same "licensing initialization error" after downloading and installing the demo version of Streets & Trips 2009. I suspect it has something to do with Microsoft cripling the demo until the software was officially released. In any event anyone who gets this error is now screwed as it will prevent the purchased version from being able to start. I purchase S&T 2009 today and installed it and - guess what - got the same GD error message. Note: I had completely removed the demo version of S&T 2009 - since it never worked anyway - and rebooted my computer before installing a fresh copy of the purchased software. The software installed but I cannot start it get the following message:

A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer support for more assistance. Error 0xC004D301
AFTER failing to install on this computer, I then successfully installed S&T 2009 on my other desktop computer and my laptop. Software installed and runs without problem on these two machines.

I find the "contact customer support" statement humorous (NOT), as I can find no way to actually contact Microsoft customer support without paying a $35 fee, which is approximately the cost of S&T 2009.

- Dave
The downloaded version is the same as the version on DVD. The only real difference is that the installer is packaged up into one file. Therefore, uninstalling and reinstalling would not be expected to clear up any problems.

Similarly, if you have problems with the trial on a given machine, you should not expect it to magically work after you purchase a retail copy.
I am having the same issue.

The previous version of Streets and Trips that I have is the 2006, initially I chose to keep the old version while installing the trial of 2009 and it gave me the license initialization error near the end of the installation and when I tried to run the 2009, so I thought that 2009 is somehow conflicting with 2006 ... I uninstalled both of them, I did a reboot and reinstalled the trial of 2009, but that still did not help, and I still the the license initialization error.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I'm not sure what else to try.

From the review of ST 2009 it seems like there have been some great improvements done, but I'm a bit hesitant to buy a copy if I'm going to have this issue and I won't be able to use it.
Well! That is exactly what I did not want to hear. People on this board from MS, can this be rectified? I can not buy the software without knowing that it will work on my laptop. Thanks for posting this info.

Juan Cooldude
Sorry to hear about your installation problems. Street & Trips relies on a common database for its activation and validation, a database that is also used by various other applications.

We have had reports of this database getting corrupted by other applications and as a result, S&T fails when it tries to activate.

There is a way to fix the database but it can only be done by an authorized Microsoft support personnel and only on a retail version of the product (ie non Trial download).

So if you called in with a valid retail product key, they will be able to fix this problem for you.
Thanks for the response. One of the people who answered my post said that there was no provision to get support without paying for it. Is this true? Also, can you tell me when st2009 will be released in Canada. I will be leaving on my way to Mexico around the last week of Oct. It's great that st2009 has Mexican towns in it now. Thanks

Jose Alemany
Microsoft does not provide technical support for trial versions. For full version, you will get free installation support. for additional info, contact Microsoft. In the United States, call (866) 452-4755. In Canada, call (800) 668-7975.

Thanks jimmyg
What about streets and trips 2009?
for full version, you will get free installation support. if you have full version of S&T 09, contact (866) 834-8317 (us, canada)
I've received this error now on numerous end-user machines (as well as our main development machine):

"A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer support for more assistance. Error 0xC004D301"

This occurred with MP 2009 on a full purchased copy. We upgraded from MP 2006 to MP 2009 on the same machine, ran fine for a while, and then started one day with this message. Couldn't uninstall or run the application.

Microsoft has been helpful thus far in trying to diagnose this, but the error persists - no workaround offered. At this pace it will be hindering a large percent of our install base, perhaps enough to make it unrealistic to continue with MapPoint.
I have purchased the 2009 version upgrading from the 2008 that stopped working after about 5 months and have not had any success in getting the 2009 version working as I keep getting an intialization error and it does not let me open....I have called microsoft twice today for help and they tried a couple of different things with no luck and said the program is too new and not all fixes have been corrected. I have seen several posts with the same problem. I am trying to install on my notebook, I loaded it no problem on my office desktop but am having no luck loading and using on my notebook. Any help or ways to get the program to work? VERY FRUSTRATING!
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