Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
October 11, 2017, just checked with Microsoft again. and again I got the same answer; "Sorry but the reset tool is still being updated, please call back in a couple of days".
I'm not holding my breath to ever get this program up and running on this computer.
Thanks for nothing, Microsoft!
I know it is a crying shame that we can't get them to give us a fix. I have not had any luvk either
Have you tried reinstalling this on an older version of windows
I have a working version on another PC
I have an older version so I tried to install Street & Trips 2010 and I got the same error.
I do have 2013 on an older desktop computer, but I can't get it the laptop.
I just noticed that the Streets & Trips icon on my desktop, so I clicked it. It asked for the key code, then loaded up the program and it works fine.
I assume Microsoft did some sort of update because I haven't called them in three weeks.
Anyone else have it working now?
Did you just go to support andask for the key code or did you have to call them
Wonder if it is the same for everyone
I had my own key code from when I bought it originally in 2013.
oh ok
I have that ,Just need to get my box it came in
Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated
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