Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
Ken in Regina
You're right that with the Registry the old days of just deleting the files are gone. You're also right that imaging, restoring and reinstalling is a whole lot of extra work. It's not horrible if all you use are a very few applications on the laptop, but the more applications you have, the more re-installation needs to be done. Arrrgghh!

I use Advanced WindowsCare Personal. It's a free application that has, among other things, a really good Registry cleaner. After I do an uninstall I immediately delete any leftover files and directories, then I run Advanced WindowsCare with just the Registry cleaner selected to make sure all remaining gunk is cleaned from the Registry.

That doesn't always work, but it works well enough that I rarely need to restore the operating system and re-install all the applications.

I agree but Delorme and S&T2009 are the only installed applications. I have a U3 drive with email and any other application that I want to use on the road. Makes life real simple for me in the long run.
Ken in Regina
I have a U3 drive but I have not used it for portable apps yet. I just have a Briefcase on it for backups.

What do you use for email on it?

Are you using Vista or XP on the laptop?

XP Pro SP3 on the laptop and I use Thunderbird for my email client on the U3 drive. Use Spider media player for tunes and also use Firefox for my browser. Portable vault for my financial records; OpenOffice for the office suite; Trillian for my chat client; Foxit reader for PDF files; RoboForm for my password/identity manager; and Digital File Shredder for secure file erasure. All off the U3 drive. I also have another laptop with VISTA Business on it and the U3 drive chokes on it.

Also have about 3/4GB of space left on a 2GB U3 drive for files if I want to use it for file transfer.
Ken in Regina
Thanks for the description. I've got XP/SP2 on my desktop and Vista Home Premium on my laptop and the U3 drive works just fine on both. But, as I mentioned, it's only used with Briefcase for backup/sync of selected files.

Thanks for reminding me about using a thumb drive for portable apps. It should be an interesting winter project to try out a few variations and see what works for me.

Bought S & T 2009 from Sam’s Club yesterday ($28). This morning when I loaded it I got the licensing initialization error: 0xC004D301. MS Customer support did a great job solving the problem, only took 40 min. Now I have this wonderful zip file on my desktop “Reset Tool 11-6-2008” that solved my problem. I am willing to share it as long as 1. it is not illegal and 2. I don’t have to forward it to 147 people.


P.S. Are those “zeros” or “o’s” in the error code?
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, it would be illegal . If Microsoft wanted to make the file available to the public, they would have made it a free download, which they didn't.

Forum Rules:
Illegal software discussions haven't appeared at this forum yet. Please, let's keep it this way. Thanks
I called MS Customer Support and Anna told me that the software I got from Fry's Electronics in Duluth, GA was not supported. I spoke to Dan at Fry's and he asked me to come in. I played the recorded conversation that I had with Anna. Dan wanted me to return it and get another copy. I refused. I then spoke to Raymond H. and he asked that I turn over the software and that he would get with MS and ask them to assist in resolving the installation problem. I took plenty of pictures of the software and license. Let's see if this gets resolved quickly.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi renob1,

Did your Streets and Trips come pre-installed on your new computer?

If this is an OEM version of Streets & Trips (or any OEM software) that came pre-installed on your laptop computer, than indeed no software vendor will support it.
I think I need that Reset patch from Microsoft cause I get the licensing error when I use S&T2009 on my desktop. Do you know if MS Customer Service for S&T has a long distance phone? The 800 number won't work from my winter home here in Mexico and the Customer Service numbers and sites MS lists for Mexico are Spanish. Mi no hablo Espanol.
Gee, I hope my copy is supported by Microsoft...

I Got it from a seller at amazon.com for around 10 bucks less than retail.

Fortunately for me, I have no problems with it. In fact, I have enhanced it with a copy of At&t natural voices.

I'm sorry, but Microsoft Anna sounds like an old hag.

But Crystal from At&t natural voices sounds a lot better.
hey guys,

I bought S&T 2008, then tried the trial of S&T 2009. I had the initialization error and so I called microsoft and we worked it out no problem they just ran the reset program and it reset the licensing. I was a little miffed when the guy deleted the reset tool because for whatever reason it didn't go to the recycle bin so I could restore i fi I need to... either way I suppose that is what he wanted.

Marvin Hlavac
Lucas, evidently Microsoft doesn't want these files to be in the public domain. Someone around here also mentioned that these files have an expiry date, so even if it doesn't get deleted, it may only be useful for a limited time.
Any luck on working around this? I just spent 40 minutes on the phone with Microsoft to be told that the Streets & Trips department is not taking calls right now. I was told to call back in a few hours or another day but in the mean time my husband needs to use the program for his business. If someone from Microsoft is online can you provide some guidance please? We purchased the product so it is not a trial version. Thanks in advance.
Same problem, bought my copy yesterday at Best Buy, tried to install, got the error message.
Started looking at forums, and found this one.
Called MS support this morning and 40 mins later, problem solved.
My conact, Irene, was very nice. Spoke very good English. After discovering i hadn't disabled my Firewall, thing's went very quickly. This was my first experience with live NetMeeting, and i must say, it was strange watching her controlling my computer.
She almost left the Zip file on my laptop, but i ask her to remove it so as to not cause any later problems.??
Thanks for the info.
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