Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
My purchased version of Streets & Trips 2009 has been working great for 2 months on my car PC with both 2006 and 2009 versions running. Now all of the sudden I have the initialization error on 2009. I really don't have the time to sit in the car on my cell phone talking to Microsoft, and even if I did there is no way for them to send me the file to the car. If the ZIP file really is time sensitive maybe I can talk them into sending it to my home computer?
Hi ducky55,
Yes, the ZIP file that Microsof use to reset initialization error is time sensitive. It work only for one week.
Thanks Fluor, hopefully I can talk them into sending it to me.
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I have been using Streets & Trips since before it was. I first bought "Automap" in about 1991 - before Microsoft bought it and renamed it. Have consistently bought upgrades about every two years since then and use it consistently to plan our RV travels.

Now- I installed S&T 2009 (non-GPS) last January or February and used it many times - I currently have about 6 different trips on file. Suddenly - last week - when I try to open it I get the following: Licensing Initialization error has been detected ... error 0xC004D301"

Can anyone tell me what I can do to resolve this? Yes - I tried to reinstall the whole thing - after deleting the program.
Using Vista home on a Dell Inspiron 1721.
Unfortunately, not much we can help you with. You have to call up tech support and have them do a reset.

P.S. Welcome! My first version was Streets 98 and Trip Planner 98. I believe even Marvin (the owner of this site) only got started in the late 1990s. I suspect you're setting a record on this forum, by having used Automap since 1991 (Microsoft bought Nextbase in 1994). <handshake>
Thanks for the reply. FINALLY got thru' to tech support and had them do a reset so all is Ok now. Still wonder what caused the error. Tech could/would not tell me. he just said it should not happen again,

First time ever I had to call them! As I recall - the original automap program was created by two MS ex employees working in their garage (shades of Apple??). It had lots of errors in the data base but at the time it was a pure wonder and lots of fun. When an error was spotted - location, roads etc. they were quick to respond when notified.

I still have, in my files the hard copies of a series of maps done by Automap for our 1995 trip to Alaska from Colorado so it was after that that MS acquired it.
Glad to hear that your problem was solved. From past reports, it is not clear that tech support actually knows what causes the problem; they simply know that a reset will cure it. It is some configuration edge condition that apparently never came up during testing.

Microsoft bought NextBase at the end of 1994, see article in the New York Times. The software would not have picked up the Microsoft branding for another year, when it turned into Microsoft Automap Streets 1996 and Microsoft Automap Trip Planner 1996. (Microsoft press release)

I can find no information to indicate that the creator of Automap was ever a Microsoft employee, or that he ever worked in his garage, or that it was a two-person team effort. This sounds like a version of of the Hewlett-Packard founding legend. (Apple was really a one-person technical effort -- Wozniak did most of the work, and Jobs got most of the glory.)

The available information suggests that Automap was conceived by someone who was well-versed in the mapping software industry, and derived from a British codebase.

Basically, the idea belongs to Michael Bates, a 27-year-old native of Luxembourg who grew up in England, traveled to the United States in his teens and completed his schooling in Phoenix. Later, he worked for PC Globe, an Arizona company that turns out mapping software. ... eventually he connected with a company back in London, Nextbase Ltd., which was selling something called AutoRoute, a software package with maps of England.
I'm just curious as to why this is a time-sensitive download. I had to have them e-mail me the patch to fix this same error (and it worked, thankfully). I was able to extract it and it doesn't look like the executable itself is time-restricted, just the self extracting archive itself. I'm hesitant about just throwing it out there for everyone to grab though, which is why I'm asking here first since it sounds like there are some Microsoft people around.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi maik,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Thanks for asking. In my humble opinion, if MSFT wanted the file to be available for public download, they would have certainly made it available. But they didn't. And we (Laptop GPS World) have no right to distribute the file.
Hi ducky55,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused as a result of encountering this issue. I'm glad you were able to get it successfully resolved using the tool provided by Microsoft.

For the record: the exe is good for 1 week.

Upload some pics of your Car PC set up. I know I would not be the only one interested in seeing them.
We're on the road and planned on using Microsoft Streets and Trips for routing. Suddenly we get the above error message. We don't have our install disk with us. Can anyone help figure this out? We have Streets & Trips 2009 and are on VISTA.
Urgh! How frustrating!

OK, don't panic . For this error - reinstallation will not help. Provided you are running a retail copy (not just a trial download) you will get free installation support. Contact (866) 834-8317 (us, canada). They will need to run a little tool that performs some magic and then it will work again.
I just got this error today. Can someone email me the patch? I looked at MS they charge 35 to send them an email problem? jeez

Could or could I just uninstall then reinstall. Any opinion?
Hi Rollins

Welcome to the forum.

Where are your seeing the $35 charge for support? I thought these issues were covered by the cost of the product.

The patch can't be emailed because it expires after a few days (not the fix...just the tool). Call support and they'll fix you up.

Let us know how it goes.
Marvin Hlavac

Rollins, when you hear the generic message telling you about the $35 charge, ignore it, and proceed with the telephone call.
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