Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
Thanks. I'm going to try the uninstall / reinstall first.
Does anyone still have the Reset tool for the Licensing Initialization error in MS Streets & Trips?

I've spent over 9 hours on the phone with MS Tech Support over the past week trying to get them to help me, but all I've received is a run-around and constant transferring to "a different department"(because my copy was received through the MSDN Academic Alliance).....then they offered to escalate my case for a charge of $35!

I'm a police officer, and I use Streets & Trips on the laptop in my work car...so this error code is keeping my from being able to use my GPS!

Would really appreciate any help.

Am Glad I am no the Only one with this same problem. I to D/L through MSDN and am having issues getting support.
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Can anyone one help? I have used Streets & Trips since last year, and now this error code pops up when I try to launch program"

A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer service for more assistance.
I have removed and reloaded the software many times, and I still get the same error. I've searched the web, and it says mostly to call Microsoft to get support, and they will run a zip file I think! Why can't someone just provide the file and I can fix it myself, instead of calling and wasting my time on the phone with Microsoft?
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I purchased the Microsoft Streets & Trips software legit. Installed it, used it for a day. Installed the S&T keys. Then the program locked up on install.

Tried to uninstall and reinstall, but still same error.

Here's the error message:

A licensing initialization error has occurred. Please contact customer service for assistance.
Error 0xC004D301
Can't delete S&T Keys file either. Did I screw up? Help!
Hi Tooldad,

For this issue...do as the message says and contact customer service. They'll likely want to run a tool on your machine to get S&T working again. I think the number is (866) 834-8317 (us, canada).
Thank you. I have called them from work. Talked with tech support, supposedly they are sending me the patch via email since I can't connect at work to internet.

Still haven't rec'd the email, and it's been 3 hours.

I will call back tonight. and have them connect to my computer to patch it
patch/tool worked. Didn't take too long. Ended up calling back in the evening and had them do it remotely.

I'm having the same problem, but when they apparently emailed me the patch, I never got it. Could anyone send it to me, please? I would forever be grateful. Also...does installing 2010 over 2009 fix it by any chance? This error is driving me crazy. Sorry for all the smilies, it's just that I'm getting so aggravated...and I found out, installing the '10 over '09 does not fix it either. Oy! Actually...it _does_ fix it. *is happy* Now, if i can get my GPS to work, I'll be happy as can be.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Darkpantherian, welcome to the forum. Several v.2009 issues have been resolved in v.2010, so it is quite possible if you experience problem in the old version, a newer version may work. The current version is 2010, but Streets and Trips 2011 is expected soon, too.
I thank ya, Mista Marvin. *says in a southern accent* Ok, enough of that. One more question, then hopefully I won't be bothering anyone for a while. I had '09's version of a GPS receiver, and when I tried to use it on '10, it freezes up. I haven't restarted since I installed this copy, so do I need to restart so it'll fix itself, or am I doing something _else_ wrong?
Marvin Hlavac
Your GPS receiver should work in version 2010 just the same as it did in v.2009. If the laptop hasn't been restarted for a while, chances are good that a restart may help.

P.S. If nobody would "bother" us, there would be no activity here, and we could as well close this forum. So please don't stop.
I noticed that, and I tried to restart it - still doing the same. Also, when I zoom down to a certain degree, about the same as if you were looking at a map in Europe, it freezes up and I have to restart the program again. _What_ am I doing wrong? *hits the computer* Should I uninstall/reinstall it again to see if that fixes it?
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by darkpantherian
... Should i uninstall/reinstall it again to see if that fixes it?
Hi Amelia_Leighanne,

That is usually my next step. But I don't just stop at uninstalling it. I delete any program and data directories it leaves behind, if I can find them. And then I run a good registry cleaner. In that order. That way I make sure there is no gunk left behind to foul things up.

If you have saved maps (*.EST files), you don't want to delete them, of course.

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