Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
I feel like a idiot for asking, but the registry cleaner, what would be a good/free one?? Never used that before. *might be why the computer likes to freeze...* Never mind, I found one on CNet, some 'ccleaner' for free. I hope that helps. This map is starting to give me gray hair.

Ok, I guess I should say, the version I had was a .iso file, so I had to burn it to a disk, then when that one goofed up, tried it again. This time everything's working fine, finally - who else deals with torrents besides me?
Ken in Regina
I use a program called Advanced SystemCare from IoBit Software. There is a free version. It has a lot of useful tools. I mostly use the Registry Cleaner.

Windows and many Windows programs use the registry like a scratchpad and most of them are not good at cleaning up the junk they leave behind when you exit the program. So the registry just keeps getting bigger and more cluttered everytime you fire up Windows and run programs in it.

The first time I ran the registry cleaner in SystemCare, it deleted over 15,000 junk entries. Yeah, fifteen thousand! It never does anyting unless you tell it to, so I was able to look through the list to see what all the stuff was. Over half of them were old expired most recently used (MRU) lists. The rest were a variety of similar temporary scratchpad entries and keys that no longer had matching files on the hard drive. The latter is from uninstallers that don't uninstall cleanly and leave junk behind.

We don't talk much about torrents here because most of the folks who want to talk about them only want to get illegal "free" stuff from them.

That doesn't mean the topic is taboo if someone wants to talk about legitimate uses. It's just that legitimate uses have rarely come up here.

Just to confirm that there are legitimate uses, when I'm not doing much with my computer I occasionally seed a free open-source Canadian topographic map for Garmin users. The image (.ISO file) is 3.6GB so it needs all the help it can get for distribution.

Ive used S&T since 2004 transporting horses. It has always locked up and required a cold boot to restart the computer but I tolerated it. I just purchased 2010 and installed it on a Toshiba fast machine. IT'S ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! It sends me down city streets instead of sending me around when there is only a 5 mile difference. I has taken me through residential streets with a 36 foot trailer when there was a 4 lane two blocks down. I think people use it because it should interact seamlessly with other MS products but it doesn't. Now it won't run at all after two months of use. Just crashed then PC and wouldn't restart. I believe they have messed up the auto terminate lines somewhere and it does it to licensed copies too. I recommend you buy something else or use a web based product. It's just to much damn trouble.
Lock up problems sound more like a hardware issue. Are you sure your external GPS unit is still working properly?

Sorry to hear all your problems Lunart.
I use S&T daily in my work. I am a Tour bus driver, and drive all over western Canada and USA. I agree that sometimes S&T can throw you for a loop every now and then, but 98% of the time it's got it right for me. As I tell anybody who asks me what is a good GPS to use, no matter what you use, never rely on it 100%. Make sure you have a real good idea of where you are going and how you are going to do it. Planning is always important. A GPS or GPS software is only a tool to assist you. When used with care it is an invaluable tool.

I really do hope you are able to test and try S&T for more time, and get used to all its foibles and follies as well as its powerful applications.
Yep - Microsoft did a remote access, ran their tool, and fixed it.

The Tech said the problem was Microsoft, not me -- that some of their patches will conflict with their licensing software, corrupting the installation.

Seems like Microsoft is making lots of innocent folks pay with headaches, in order to prevent dishonest copying of their software.

They fixed it for free didn't they. Hardly a big deal making one phone call!

Making the call didn't take long - it was all the aggravation prior to that which I complained about.

If, instead of throwing an obscure error code 0xC004D301 , the program said "please call us and ask us to run progam xxx", then it would have been 'hardly a big deal'.

Now that's a common problem and very irritating. Error messages that don't point to the problem!

I've been reading up on this problem since it happened to me the other day, and as far as I can tell, I'm the first to experience it with S&T 2010. All other info I've read is regarding the 2009 version.

I found this link on a Microsoft website, which may or may not help people having this problem with the 2009 version. It specifically states that it is for the 2009 version only, so I am hesitant to try it on my 2010. Here is the link:


My 2010 version was working fine on my laptop the other day, riding happily along on my passenger seat, and then I got a BSOD for some reason. Since then, I'm getting the licensing error. I'll try to call Microsoft tomorrow at the phone number listed in this thread to see if they can help. I have a purchased version, but I don't have the disk with me. Do I need it for when I call them?
Hi Fastphil,

Method 3:Rename the Office registry subkeys (for MapPoint 2009 only) - is not useful for 2010 or 2011 user as the code was fixed after 2009 so this is no longer an issue.

You should call MS and they should be able to help you out.
The frustrating part is when this happens to you in middle of no where with no Internet access near by. You stop by to eat lunch, you expect to turn on your laptop after lunch and continue with your trip using Streets and Trips to get you to your destination and you are greeted with an error.

It's Saturday night now, and I'm somewhere in TN. Tomorrow morning I have to leave to go to GA. I'm from Seattle and this is my first time ever in TN and same for GA, so I don't know my way around and rely on Streets & Trips 2011. Oh, yeah, I called the support line (866-834-8317), but the automated system said that support is closed right now and said to call back tomorrow (didn't say what time).

Larry, just wanted you to hear and understand a real life situation that I'm facing so you can pass it on to appropriate decision maker who don't want the fix (reset tool) to be available. I'm in a hotel room with Internet access and I could just download the fix and be a happy man on my way tomorrow, but that's not going to be the case.

1. Did I call the right number?
2. I don't have my reg info with me, and can't launch the app to get SN for you, how can I provide proof of purchase once I get on the phone with support (hope they are open on Sunday for tech support).
3. Any other suggestion to get this resolved real quick tomorrow (oh wait, you probably won't even see this post until Monday)?
Hey Nariman -

Turn on Private messages or send me an email at: streetsandtrips@hotmail.com and I'll see what I can do.

Hi Larry, private messaging should be on now. Still in GA. Thanks, Nariman
Well, I finally got around to calling Microsoft to get this problem fixed. I had called a couple of weeks ago but I didn't have the product key on hand, so they couldn't help me any further. Today I found the box for MS&T2010, and I called them back to get this sorted out. I was on the phone with their tech support for 10-15 minutes, and the agent remotely accessed my computer and resolved the problem. Everything is now back in working order, and the agent was very polite and helpful. If you're having this problem with your licensed copy of MS Streets & Trips, there is no reason to hesitate to call them up and have them fix it. Thanks, Microsoft!
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