Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
crazy john
Does anyone have a phone number for Microsoft to call for the problem with Street and Trip licensing initialization error 0XC004d301
I just called MS at the number listed here and they tell me they can't help at all! No support for a software/hardware package I purchased retail just a little more then a year ago (MS S&T 2009 - the only version Walmart had). MS suggested I take it to a computer shop!!! How is that supposed to help? All the shop would do is call MS and get the same info most likely.

Has anyone found a fix for this error message outside of MS?

....but it happened right after I did s full AVG virus scan and then ran ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE so I don't know which created the problem.
Anyhow, mine is S&T 2010 and I called their tech support 800-537-8324. They asked for my name, email address and product key. Once they determined my copy was purchased and not a trial, they asked for permission to go into SHARE mode and they downloaded the RESET TOOL 2009 which I then ran. It fixed the problem. Took about 30 minutes.

Good luck.
I have had Streets and Trips 2010 since it came out and it worked fine. I have never had a demo version. Recently I upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Home Premium. I cannot remember if S&T was used afterwards. I now get the error message regarding a licensing initialization error occuring. I suspect it is a W7 problem as I have been having so many blue screens and problems with my laptop and problem with it overheating and shutting down since installing the upgrade. Do you think the upgrade had a demo version of S&T that may have caused the problem?
Blue screens in Win7 are generally caused by hardware issues. Are you sure the laptop you upgraded was capable of running Windows 7? Have you checked the memory thoroughly and ensured you have Win 7 compatible drivers for the rest of the hardware?

I would say these problems are not related to the initialization errors or vice versa. Get Windows 7 running trouble free if it is possible. Then contact Microsoft about the S&T error.

To tcassidy

The blue screen now always says "bad pool header". It happens very sporadically. Sometimes once a day sometimes not for several days. Always when my laptop is left idle with nothing running. Everything works fine except for S&T and I think it was working for a while after I upgraded but I cannot say that for certain. I was getting a pop-up every time I used S&T that asked me if I wanted to upgrade to a newer version. I kept refusing. Makes me wonder if this is not a way MS is trying to force me into upgrading the program. I have not been happy with MS since XP Pro was done away with. That, in my opinion was the best OS MS ever had.
A good place to start is searching for the problem with Bing or Google. Try 'bad pool header windows 7'.

Hi Marvin .. good to see you are still in the hunt!

I got the same error on a paid download version of streets 2011. It was working fine, then a couple nights ago up popped the error.. Thinking M$ had a trip on multiple use, I tried buying another, couldn't .. so I downloaded a trial to install on my ASUS netbook.. it took 3 hrs to download on my 3g aircard .. as it turned out M$ had two copies downloaded .. the 1st had a install problem, so I installed the other copy .. it seemed to be loaded correctly but when I went looking for the boot icon, I got the error .. which locks out the use.

I never got the install key .. so was curious as to why .. guess this is why ..

We are on a two month motorhome trip and rely on Streets for navigation.. so this error is devastating! .. Error 0xC004D301

M$ keeps sending me notices .. to stay with them .. Google isn't w/o frustrations but M$ is very frustrating w/o work arounds.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Monkey2. Sorry to hear about the issue in the middle of your trip. When you get a moment, use the MS technical support phone number listed on the first page of this topic. They should be able to assist. Let us know.
Hi all, after reading through this it seems this is a problem dating back to the 2009 version.
I currently have been running 2013 version since release and have had no problems.
Yesterday I received this "Error 0xc004d301" and read through this topic.

I called MS and explained the Error and I mentioned that I read there is a patch of some sort I needed to fix it.
MS then got into my computer just to delete and then reinstall ST. This took 3 hours and I received the same error.
Did I just get a bad technician?
At one point they said they were helping another person with another problem and they would get back to me.
Finally she gets back and says that what she needs to do will take all day and she wanted me to call back tomorrow!
This is very frustrating and It seems some people here received a fix pretty quick, lets hope I have better luck today.
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Someone else had a "Licensing Installation error" problem on their Microsoft Streets & Trips. But I can't his answer.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Allen, and welcome to the forum. I took the liberty of moving your post to this old multi-page discussion related to your question. You may find on these 7 pages what you are looking for.
Baja Boojum
A quick update to this old topic:

Yesterday I refreshed my Windows 8 computer and when I reinstalled S&T 2013 I got the same licensing installation error. MS tech support took over my computer, reinstalled S&T 2011 (which I used to have), and used the 2013 key and the reset tool to get 2013 up and running. The longest part of the process was downloading and installing the old version.

I asked her if I can uninstall 2011 and she suggested I don't. She wasn't real clear on the specifics of the cause, but it seems it may be better to leave an old version installed when upgrading. At minimum keep your old installation media! Odd.
Marvin Hlavac
Odd indeed! Thanks for the update, Baja Boojum!
Hi ALL gaining this problem (I had this issue same as You for really long time).
On my Windows 8 I made as follows:
- install update called windows 8.1
- than uninstall all following: Access database 2010, all C++, Autoroute 2013/11/10
- install c++ x64
- install Autoroute with all necessary packages (Access, C++ x86, KB...)
After doing all these steps it has FINALLY get worked.
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