Streets and Trips licensing initialization error 0xc004D301
Charles Murphy
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Hi Donald,

- The software "tool" has an expiry date. Perhaps that may be somehow related to them telling you the tool was unavailable at that time and to call them back later.

- I suspect, after the support for the product ends, the chance of them providing any further help may be very small.

- Re-installing the OS + S&T would have likely helped in the past, but I'm not sure if the software activation would still work now, whether or not the Microsoft's software activation service for S&T is still in operation, and/or if MSFT would be willing and able to re-activate your S&T over the phone if needed.

- "What is the probability that Microsoft will release a file for us to use to fix this issue ourselves if they are not going to continue to repair?" I'd say very close to none.
I have S@T 2013 and get the same error I have made a total of 13 calls to Microsoft getting transferred from one to another, not being able to understand the foreign type accents . but understanding that they are working on a fix that will be in 24 hrs.,, then it was 36 hrs. and that was a week ago my last call was on 8/5 /15 @9;04 and was again told a fix will be in 36 hrs. and they will call me. Are they just screwing customers around. How did this co. make so much money with this type of Customer Service
I guess I am the latest victim of this Microsoft glitch. I further suppose the support I can expect from MSFT is diddly-squat. This is a very sad day for me. I think by all measures, I have been a loyal supporter of this product family and I feel extremely let down. I am still using S&T and Autoroute as I find nothing else meets my needs so well even though I sometimes use Google Maps and a few other toys on my Android phone. I was just in the process of planning a 1,000+-mile trip of Italy for March of 2016 when the thing failed.

Here is what happened. I rebooted my main computer where I have been running S&T 2010, S&T 2011, and Autoroute 2010 for years as many of you know. When I try to open any of these programs, I get this same error message as those reported above. I have tried a remove and re-install but that did not produce a different result. I have messed around with an edit of the Setup_ST.ini file but that is not working, either.

I gather from what I read above and what the MSFT "support" website pages say that I can expect little or no help from them and, if pursued, the expenditure of a great deal of time and energy.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Rebuild PC.

If you don't want to do this run in Win XP (or later if you have licence) in virtual PC such as VMWare or VirtualBox.

Send me a private message if you want assistance with acquiring legal Win XP licence.
If the activation server has been switched off use AR2007. The country backroads in Italy won't have changed since then.

I use AR on a netbook that my partner has on her lap to give me planned and on demand navigation advice with autorecalc switched off so we don't lose the planned route.

I have a Garmin PND on the windscreen that I install OpenStreetMaps on to give me up to date mapping for real time, turn by turn, autorecalcing, my eyeballs navigation. Mainly used in cities where I need to see where to go in complex intersections/interchanges.
I watched a TV program on Rome last night. It said that the road layout is the same as it was 2000 years ago so using an older version of AR shouldn't cause too many problems.
I cannot recall if AR2007 had all the features of AR 2010 I want, such as hyperlinking pushpins. If it were just the roads I was interested in, I would use Tyre or some other Google overlay. Where I will be going in Southern Italy, the roads in AD 0001 were already old. Besides, you don't need satnav to find your way from Palermo to Cosenza. I am at the planning stage on my home computer which is where my AR 2010 is not working.
I finally got this solved!

I procrastinated on calling MSFT meanwhile trying various home-remedies, none of which worked. And calling MSFT can be such a hassle I kept putting it off and putting it off until that was no longer an option. So, I finally broke down and called.

The first person answering the phone had no clue whatsoever about Streets and Trips, completely unaware of the product. The number I called was the number that came with the software. So he switched me to someone else who also did not have a clue. She took over my computer with remote access and messed around for a while and then said she would transfer me to another department. All this so far took about 1/2 hour.

When that finally happened the CSR who picked up the phone had not been briefed on what had transpired so far so we had to start from scratch. The good news was that he, at least, knew about the program and even knew what the fix was! He took over remote access and essentially fixed everything for me so now every seems to be OK.

This chap was very professional and apologized without my prompting for the shabby way I had been treated and looked up who I had been talking to and said she would get some "counselling."

So, all's well that ends well?

If anyone gets into the same fix, send me a PM and I will share some contact information on the GOOD engineer at MSFT.
Ken in Regina
I'm glad you got it sorted. There are still some good folks in tech support. It's just getting harder to get to them.

I am impressed. Even though you had to endure the typical lack of support most companies seem to provide these days, you actually got to someone who could - and did - resolve your issues. And it didn't involve waiting days for unanswered calls etc. Congratulations!

Folks, I know this is an old thread, but is Microsoft still doing the apparent fix for this problem? I just encountered this error on Win 10, ST2013. My fear is that they will simply say "product no longer supported".
Originally Posted by wandrr
Folks, I know this is an old thread, but is Microsoft still doing the apparent fix for this problem? I just encountered this error on Win 10, ST2013. My fear is that they will simply say "product no longer supported".
Just to follow-up to my own post, I have recovered from this error by installing S&T on a different computer. I still have no idea whether or not Microsoft is still offering their fix for the licensing error.
I just had this issue on 2 different tablets with win10.

In most cases, if you reinstall windows, then the error will go away.
The problem with win10 on these tablets, is that the update that causes the error gets slip streamed into the recovery image, so even if you do a hard factory reset/recovery, the license error already exists! GD MS MFr.

Same problem here. Ive read a lot about the magic fixer program from M$ and how hard is to get it. Has anyone the tool? Any idea to fix this problem?
Im running 2010 version, ive tryed all solutions indicated here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/951632

Re: 0xc004D301 error

I realize this is an old thread, and it's Nov 2016 (and yes, we're still using this product). This thread showed up early in the Google search, and was referenced as authoritative in other threads ...so I joined the group to add my experience (as a "thanks" to everyone).


...to relate my experience at solving the problem. We have licensed copy of S&T and it installed on a W7 Pro domain PC (the following will be relevant to home users, too).

... using various fix suggestions on the web ...

What did NOT solve the licensing error:
  1. A system restore (to a date where S&T 2013 was known to be working) did not solve the licensing error. The 0xc004D301 error popup continued.
  2. Creating a new [admin] profile was not successful to solve the licensing error.
  3. Renaming (nor deleting) c:\programdata\microsoft\sl (and the file contents) was not successful to solve the licensing error.
  4. Uninstalling and reinstalling Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (both x86 and x64 versions) was not successful to solve the licensing error. (I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling all the versions of Visual C++ 2005 and 2012 with no joy.)
  5. Running "change" on S&T 2013 in Control Panel\Programs and Features was not successful to solve the licensing error.
  6. Uninstalling S&T 2013, restarting the PC, and reinstalling S&T 2013 (a trial version freshly downloaded, as I couldn't find the original install DVD ...I did have a JPG of the original license key tho') was not successful to solve the licensing error.
  7. Various combinations of the above were also not successful to solve the licensing error.

What DID solve the licensing error:
  1. Called Microsoft Tech Support at 800-642-7676, and they fixed the problem

I had to work my way through two levels of support.

The second tech was brilliant, professional, and knew exactly and specifically what I needed.

The tech had me go to https:\\support.microsoft.com\help, check the agreement, enter a six-digit code he provided, okay the remote app, and approve permissions for him to access my PC and temp change.

Whereupon he...

  1. asked for my name, call-back number, and the app license key.
  2. browsed to a webpage and downloaded the S&T 2011 license reset tool
  3. ran the tool (it wasn't successful) ...which confirmed S&T 2011 was not installed
  4. browsed to an additional webpage and downloaded and installed S&T 2011, and confirmed it was installed and working
  5. ran the S&T 2011 license reset tool he'd previously downloaded
  6. confirmed S&T 2013 was working (he even added our license key), and asked me to confirm it was working (by taking control with the mouse)
  7. removed S&T 2011, saved the case number & contact info using Notepad, asked if I needed anything else ("nope"), instructed me in closing the session, politely apologized on behalf of Microsoft for the effort I had to extend

...and we were done.

The Microsoft tech was patient, kindly, courteous & professional (as was the first tech) ...and had a sense of humour. I did have to ask him to repeat his instructions occasionally (slight accent, speakerphone cross-noise, and my hearing isn't as good as it used to be lol). Outstanding.

In summary: So in mid-Nov 2016, Microsoft is still providing support to remotely fix the licensing issue. I wouldn't even bother with trying anything else if you have this issue. Just call them. Be persistent. You will eventually get to professional division support.
Ken in Regina
Thanks very much for that update, BRDAVIS9. Sometimes the best way to go is simply phone support with the 3 Ps in mind: be Prepared, Polite, but Persistent.

You might have seen another recent thread in here where we've been speculating how we might keep S&T alive for the longer haul through things like using a VM, etc. In some other threads in the Software section we've been exploring other ways to do trip planning that might work as well as S&T does. So far it requires a combination of current products (apps and online sites) to even come close to the total package that S&T has long provided. So far we've found lots of interesting features and functions that will come in handy for some people in some situations. But we haven't yet found another product, or combination of them, that has the overall usefulness of S&T.

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