Does Garmin Mobile PC work with Microsoft USB GPS receiver?
Will this software work with my gps locator that was purchased with Streets and Trips 2008
also have the Pharos gps 360
if i remenber when using Nroute software only Garmin gps was working

thank you
Ken in Regina
Mobile PC works very well with the Pharos 500 receiver that comes with Streets&Trips 2008. If the receiver is plugged in when you run Mobile PC it will find it immediately and start using it automatically. You won't have to do anything special to use it.

You can use the Pharos 500 with nroute but you need a program called GPSGate to convert the data from the Pharos receiver into the proprietary Garmin data protocol. GPSGate is shareware. You can try it free for two weeks then it will stop working unless you pay for it.

Make sure you buy the software-only version of Garmin Mobile PC. The version that comes with the GPS 20x won't work with any other GPS. The software-only version works great with the S&T GPS though.

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