Laptop GPS receiver for use in helicopter

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It seems that most GPS receivers send an NMEA string every second. At 60 MPH (88ft/sec)the error can be as much as 88 feet plus normal error.

Does anyone know of a receiver that send out NMEA strings more than one per second. An aviation GPS does but it doesn't send NMEA.

Thanks for any help.
Marvin Hlavac
OneWatt, welcome to Laptop GPS World.

In the following thread, there are a couple 5Hz and one 10Hz units mentioned: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/516-dual-usb-bluetooth-gps-receivers. There are others on the market, too. Not many, but they do exist.

However, most consumer GPS navigation software will not really refresh it's map position more frequently than the typical once per second, even though your GPS receiver will . The only software that we have discussed here at the forum, which is actually capable of doing that, is Garmin Mobile PC (coincidentally the same software which Terry recommended to you in the other thread).
I ordered a Wintec G-Rays I from Semsons. The 10Hz rate will work great on the program I made. Hopefully this will improve my accuracy of structures greatly. I would still like to try out Garmin PC Mobile before I buy it. I haven't found a trial version for it yet.

Thanks for the great info.
Marvin Hlavac
I don't think Garmin offers a trial version of the product. I think some people download and use the "Update" file. I personally don't know how that would work. I think you would need to have your own map files, because I suspect the "Update" installs just the application.

I'm not even sure if doing the above would be against the Garmin's terms of use agreement.

I'm currently writing some 3D GPS - 1Hz to 100hz - helicopter software. Please let me know what functionality to include. Any contributors will receive the software free.

To get an idea of what to software will eventually look like - you can visit http://www.i-zone-3.com/buy.htm for some software I've already produced.

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