How to connect Bluetooth GPS receiver to laptop?
I am struggling with my GPS Bluetooth device connecting to my laptop AutoRoute 2007.

Autoroute can't find it!

I can't seem to find my Bluetooth manager, even when I slide the switch on the laptop to enable Bluetooth.

I have a BT77, Bluetooth device, which I normally use with my smart phone.

Now I bought a newer BT device, so this is (or planning) to be used with my 2007 Autoroute on my laptop.

I removed the battery from the BT GPS, which removes any old pairings.

Now the BT GPS go's into search mode, but the laptop cant see it.

Why chaps, why ?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi uk_vette,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

I don't have experience troubleshooting Bluetooth problems. I've never experienced any issues.

Connecting a Bluetooth GPS receiver to a laptop computer is in most cases as easy as going to Control Panel (on some computers you get to Control Panel by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel), click Bluetooth Devices, and then on the bottom of Devices tab, click Add. If asked for a passkey, enter 0000 (4 zeros), unless your device uses a different passkey.
Are you sure your laptop actually has a Bluetooth radio? Often they were listed as Bluetooth ready but didn't have the hardware. On my older Toshiba, you couldn't even add it internally.

What operating system are you using?

I had the same problem until I sorted out that my laptop did not actually have BlueTooth, although the software fooled me into thinking I did.

Solution: Bought a neat little BlueTooth dongle transmitter. Although some are as cheap as $10, the smaller, neater ones are about $30. The retailers who do a big business in mobile phones seem to have them. Mine is an IOGear model that plugs into a USB port and looks like a ectoplasmic bump on the laptop but it works!
Semsons still has the mini Bluetooth units on for US$9.99 They use the built in Microsoft stack in Vista. For XP, a cd is included with the BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack. They extend about 3/8" out of a USB slot. Very small and works great!

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