Missing License Key for Street Atlas 2009
What in the world? I just got Street Atlas 09 with a LT-40 receiver and I can't find the license key. I'm no dummy either! It is late....

I have a key for $40 bucks in maps, etc etc etc inside and there is a serial on the DVD, but no license key. Am I overlooking something or maybe it's just missing?

The box was in tact when I got it. Perhaps I'll have to call Delorme?

Please chime in.

Thanks in advance.
The key I have is a 16 character alphanumeric string. Do you not have something like that? Unfortunately, I downloaded my copy so don't know where it would be for a retail copy.

The two numbers that I stated are the only ones I can find and neither of them are 16 alpha numeric characters long. =(
Go back to the store and exchange the software for another copy. Tell the MANAGER that they key is missing so you cannot register it. If they don't swap it out, tell them you're going to send their GPS coordinates to Al Qaida!
This thread is OVER.

I called Delorme and they hooked me up. Total time to get the key was like 5 min. Thanks a lot!
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