Just got the RAM mount for my FJ
Just got the RAM mount for my FJ. Came before the navigation software/receiver.
Marvin Hlavac
Cool! Is it one of the no-drill types? If it is, it only takes minutes to set up, and by the time you read this reply, you'll likely have already mounted it in your FJ.

Post some pictures here and in your profile album, too, if you want.

What software and GPS receiver have you ordered?
I meant to post this as a reply to a thread where a guy broke his Microsoft receiver cause it flew around the cab of his vehicle. Oh well.

Originally without researching I picked up a Garmin 18 USB for $129.99. After researching I turned it in without evening opening the box. It's already discontinued! Was planning on picking up another Garmin unit, but wound up having to choose between Microsoft and Delorme (@ Bestbuy). Delorme (Street Atlas) was $5 bucks cheaper and it seems like the LT-40 is a good receiver so I went with that ($69.99). I was just to anxious to wait and purchase it from eBay.

I will also be using Earth Bridge with Google Earth and USAPhotoMaps for offroading. Doing some runs this weekend. Have a TomTom mounted to the windshield and can get Sprint Navigation/Google Maps Mobile on my phone. Own a ForeTrex 101 that I used frequently in Iraq in addition to all of that.

Here's me last weekend:

It is just bolt on and setup in my FJ Cruiser. The directions were either missing or they aren't included. I just looked at what I had and put it together.
Marvin Hlavac
Cool videos! Did you already have the RAM mount in your FJ while shooting the video clips? If yes, how does your laptop behave during the type of driving you do?
Yes it was mounted while I was doing this. It's a pretty big 15.4" laptop (Asus M50-SVA1).

Doesn't have a solid state hard drive, but the way the mount is designed allows for it to wobble back and forth more than take a direct, strong jolt. I have no worries that the laptop is going to fly off off its mount either. It's pretty snug. I'll post pictures when I take them this weekend.

I was thinking about getting a smaller laptop. The big screen kinda gets in the way (during normal driving... offroading I keep the rear view mirrors in), but allows for more working room. Need to hardwire my inverter because it's sucking way too much juice from the cigarette lighter. Since it has a battery protection mode I'll just go directly to the battery. Was contemplating whether or not to do a 3 step switch (on 1, on 2, and off) in order it to be on only when accessory power is present or permenantly on. That would require another relay, and I already have 5 relays because of auxilary lights.

Oh yeah last reason I will probably keep this laptop is because it's overclocked to 3 ghz (Dual Core). It's lightning fast...
Nice to see the same use of GPS while offroading,

I run an older 1.2 Ghz Sony Vaio 10" screen on a home brew mount in a Jeep TJ. i'm looking for other software for trail use.
USAPhotoMaps is free and the one advantage is the ability to download satellite imagery for free. Other than that it's pretty stripped down. Download large areas before moving out. Unlike browsing to load the Google Earth cache.

It's all for this vehicle.
Marvin Hlavac
Nice pics! When you get a chance, please take some photos of the interior. I'd love to see the RAM mount, the laptop, the topo map on the screen, etc, etc...
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