S&T 2009 - USB GPS Device, Nothing New?!?
So, reading the article about the "U Blox" GPS sensor being added to Mappoint, I guess I made the incorrect assumption that they would add it to Streets & Trips, too. Wanting to upgrade my '07 receiver, I went ahead & ordered the '09 package w/receiver. MUCH to my chagrin, I received the same 'ol Pharos. Bummer...I could'a spent that extra money on a new receiver.
Marvin Hlavac
No one can blame you for making the incorrect assumption, when even major online stores show pictures of boxes of Streets & Trips 2009 with the new u-Blox USB GPS stick, instead of the SiRFstarIII USB GPS-500 receiver by Pharos. The reality is that Microsoft is still including the Pharos-made unit in Streets & Trips sold in the USA. Canadian packages will include the new receiver based on the u-Blox 5 chip, but Canadians usually start selling new S&T about a month after it releases in the US (not in stores yet, as of today, Sept. 25, 2008).

There was some info posted about this in our Streets and Trips forum. Here's the link to the article: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/872-u-blox-gps-technology-power-new-microsoft-usb-gps-receiver
yeah, I saw that article. That's what led me to my assumption. Thx!
Marvin Hlavac
There has been confusion at first , but read a bit further (post #9):

Originally Posted by Juan Cooldude
For the foreseeable future, Streets & Trips 2009 sold in the US will have the Pharos GPS device.
Too late for you, though . Sorry .
Duuuhhh...I'ma *****.
But since my GPS receiver part of the unit failed in just over a year, guess have to buy new unit anyway????? I can't find any info on replacing just the GPS 500 chip, which is removable, but no info on replacement.
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