Another Streets & Trips 2009 Peeve Found
So far, there hasn't been any version of Microsoft Streets and Trips that will allow importing from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, to existing pushpins. It will place a new pushpin at the location it thinks it should go, even if you've moved the pushpin to the exact location when you were actually there.

Since addresses to existing pushpins do not map out, for example to a previously placed Route and Box number pushpin, then you have to enter the address manually, and then conduct a search in the Place/Data tab.

In the 2008 version, it would show the match to an existing pushpin for routing, and place it at the top. The 2009 version now inserts a line at the top, calling it "Businesses (#)..."

Not only should it allow us to import from Excel to existing pushpins, but now we have to take an extra step and click on the pushpin in the list.
The 2008 version would have had the pushpin at the top, and all you have to do his hit the OK button.

Just another peeve with the 2009 version.
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