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Avoiding areas in Streets & Trips
It would be nice if you could choose objects listed on maps (highways, towns, state borders, whatever) and having the option to right-click on them and "avoid area" them, rather than drawing a shape to avoid.

It would also be nice if, after you've designated an area to avoid which disrupts a previous route, the program automatically planned a replacement route. It's not like I'm going to say "avoid that spot; but don't bother showing me where to go now. I don't need to know." Maybe put a checkbox for "Automatically update routes when routes have changed" somewhere? ...Just in case someone out there doesn't want that feature?
Agree with Jharpur.

This entire feature, avoid area, needs work. I am running '07 so perhaps some of the following has been caught up in later issues. The rectangular shape might not be best for all avoidable areas. Perhaps one ought to be able to draw an polyhedron.

Right now, the rectangular avoid areas get lost at zoomed-out viewing. Fix.

It would be nice to trace a particular road as sort of negative route that becomes an "avoid." I am thinking of commercial vehicles that cannot go on certain car-only parkways, for instance.

You should be able to create a library of avoid areas or routes and select for incorporation in new maps and routes as appropriate.

Maybe some pushpins could be developed that demarked avoid areas.
I am almost inclined to say to drop the Avoid Area feature. For me, it does not work.

ST 2009 (and 2007) try to take me down streets that have been barricaded for years. Or on streets that may be futrue developments, but they sure are not driveable now.

I have used the Avoid Area feature, to no avail.

I have used it in the past with it working. But I think that was on a 2006 sample version that came with my computer.
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