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Customizable Icon displays in Streets & Trips
Being able to save pixel real estate would be nice - and having the option to display one's choice of icons is a great way to do that.

If I'm using Streets & Trips while driving across hell's half acre I'm not likely to want a coupon for a store that isn't open, for instance. Not connected? Lose live search for the moment. Memorized the legend already? Hide that puppy!
Only using one or two drawing tools? Keep it compact.
I agree with this. The coupon feature is dumb and the legend is basically useless. In some installs I see Nationals Parks in there, etc. but I have yet to figure out how to customize this pane to my advantage. If it can't be customized then lose it and put it in the help or something.

It would be nice to be able to structure one's Tool Bars in Streets & Trips as the user prefers similar to many other applications such as MSFT's Winword and Excel. This could include hiding icons that are not required or moving icons from one Tool Bar to another. This is not 'cutting edge' given its ubiquity in other applications.
Marvin Hlavac

It is an excellent feature suggestion to be able to select which buttons on toolbars will be displayed. I think many of us would benefit by such feature.

Currently it is possible to at least move the toolbars around. The screen shot above shows all three toolbars placed in one single line. This is only practical on larger monitors (my laptop uses 12" screen).
It would indeed be great if the buttons were customizable. Since I use AutoRoute in my car on an Asus R2H UMPC, it would be great if the standard buttons could:
1. Be on the left side of the screen (easy to touch)
2. Adjustable in size (to make them as small as possible, but still easy to touch)
3. Programmable for as much functions as possible. (To be able to use a number of functions that is important while driving, like zooming, toggling the GPS pane etc.)
MisterMoonlight's S&T Keys is a big help with these concerns. Hopefully, he will soon have an AutoRoute 2010 version available.
In the past I used ARKeys, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Instead, I built my own interface using AutoHotkey, which I also use to make Foobar2000 car-friendly.
And next to this, the requirements of S&T keys rule it out for use on my Asus R2H:
- screen vertical resolution of minimum 600 pixels
R2H is 800x480
- fast computer, Typical pentium IV, 1.7 GHz
R2H has a Celeron 900MHz
- Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 version
I use AutoRoute (2007 at the moment)
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